The main information event of the end of May became a published development strategy

Recall, the Infiniti brand was created by Nissan Corporation in the second half of the 80s of the last century. It was the historical period of market development, when the Japanese corporations came to the American market, and in addition to car vehicles working in the mass market, premium brands were needed. It was at that time that Toyota created Lexus, and Honda — Acura. These new brands had to withdraw automakers in a new segment, where German Premium-Troika (BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz) is uncriminated.

Last year, according to the resource of, only 169 thousand pieces of the Infiniti brand were implemented. In fact, this is the failure of the previous strategy for the development of the brand. The ex-head of Nissan Carlos Gon saw the development of the brand in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, such models like Infiniti Q30 and QX30 and high-size high-size Q50 and QX50 were designed on Mercedes-Benz platforms. This was the result of a Gon’s arrangements with a diter, the former chapter of Daimler, about close technical cooperation.

However, this exit to the compact and medium size class did not meet hopes, and, above all, on the key American market, where the demand, according to the same resource, decreased to 117 thousand.

After a recent announcement

Actually, the models with the longitudinal location of the engine at Infiniti almost left. The charismatic crossover QX70 has long been resigned without the heir, soon this fate will comprehend and large Sedan Q70 (sales have already stopped on most markets, including the United States), and only related Q50 sedans and the Q60 coupe remain. Which after changing generations, apparently, will move to the platform of the front-wheel drive Nissan Altima and Maxima. The nearest novelty is a merchant-shaped crossover Infiniti QX55, the image heir to the legendary FX — was to stand on the conveyor of the joint plant with Daimler in the Mexican city of Aguascalntes in July of this year, but the launch was postponed for several months due to pandemic and providers. Also, Infiniti brand will bet on hybrids and electric cars.

Official brand dealers in Europe are confident that the brand will not leave the old continent’s markets. «There was a circle of buyers

The nearest novelty is the upgraded hatchback Mitsubishi Space Star, which goes to the market these days. «Soon we expect to go

What contours of the future will be Mitsubishi? As part of the new strategy, the direction of the «three diamonds» will be concentrated on the further development of hybrid technologies, which, due to the more stringent emission standards, will become key not only in European markets. Mitsubishi is the leader in this segment, because Outlander Phev was the best-selling hybrid car in Europe