Recently, on our channel, we told how the renewed Renault Duster will be and mentioned that a turbocharged engine 1.3, familiar to our car enthusiasts on another New Arkana, could be prescribed in the engine compartment of novelty. This

As it turned out, the French automaker really bets on this turbo engine, which is designed together with the German automaker Daimler.

The next model that will try on this power unit will be Renault Kaptur.

The market situation with the crossover after entering the light of the new model Arkana has become not the best way. Sales began to fall and the model often dropped out of the top 25 monthly reports compiled by the European Business Association. Analysts and market specialists spoke about the phenomenon known at the car market as «cannibalization» when the yield of one model affects the decline in sales of the other, which in the end can lead an automaker to the thought of removing it from the model range.

But just that

European Renault Captur (the body of which was used in the design of our Kaptur) recently undergone substantial oligation. Therefore, it is interesting what depth of the facelifting is declared for Renault Kaptur of the Russian assembly. And here we were waiting for some disappointment.

The design of the exterior of the crossover has practically not changed. The company’s press release says that, «Saving expressive external design, Renault Kaptur received a fully recycled interior, unique for the segment of the option and the most advanced multimedia solutions.» The details are still kept secret, but the photo shows that the overall concept of the salon also has not changed.

In Renault, Russia claims that the KAPTUR-2020 became the second after Arkana model created on the modular SUV platform of the new generation.

Recall that

Also, the company noted that engineers revised the chassis and steering settings, and this should «bring the pleasure of driving to a new level.»

But most importantly, that will be in the updated Kaptur-2020, this is the fact that a turbocharged engine of 1.3 liters with a capacity of 150 hp will appear in the line of the engines with a capacity of 150 hp, which is familiar with the Arkana cross-coupe. A stepless variator works with it. This power unit will be available including the full drive system.

It should be logically recognized that the French company will cease to equip its cars with a proven 2-liter engine (143 hp) well-known in our Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and other models of the French-Japanese alliance.