Being witnesses and participants of the epoch, which is characterized by cardinal changes, is always interesting. The consequence of this will be a completely different automotive world. Another confirmation of this thesis came quite recently — the «sunset» of the era of minivans began. So this, our channel disassembled.

We have in the Russian market

From France, a message came about the fact that Renault decided to reduce the model range. Reduced, so what is this, in the crisis,

The flagship Talisman in 2019 was popular (16405 pieces), but he is far from the results of the best-selling class VW Passat or Opel Insignia. But Renault Scenic diverged well (76 thousand ppm), so the refusal of this dispatch looks a bit strange.


In that far 1984, the model was born in another French concern

What is the high popularity of these dispatches? First of all, Venny provide a unthinkable space. Therefore, they are often positioned as traveling cars. In Europe, with their not too long distances, car travel visits to the sea with a length of several hundred km are popular. Also they are positioned as cars for the family. They are also found in taxi parks, especially compactnes.


After removing the CD and minivan and removing them from the model range, which accents are planned by the French automaker. In return, Renault plans to expand the gamut of crossovers and electric vehicles. The development of the second generation of the Renault Kadjar crossover is completed (we are not for sale, analogue of Nissan Qashqai), which will be both in a five-seater and extended seven-seater version. In addition, cooperation and unification of nodes and aggregates will be expanded within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to reduce costs.

And one more fact. In the past April, with reference to the main designer of the French automaker Laurence Van der Acher, there was information that Renault can refuse the Megane model (

As it turned out, completely different cars are broken from the model line. As for the Megane model, it is in terms of sales «number two» after RENAULT CLIO. Troat in such a difficult time the popular hatchback class C would be madness. However, Megane’s results are not so bad as the aforementioned triple. Last year, almost 250 thousand pieces were sold, although it was two and a half times less than his main competitor VW Golf (about 700 thousand).