Among the world automakers there is not one who would argue with the German Volkswagen by the number of subsidiary car brands. But the most amazing thing is that the «friendly» family of automotive companies who have gone «under the wing» of the famous German concern continues to grow.

Recall, Nizhneshasonskaya

But already in 1965, Volkswagen bought the Audi company from the concern Daimler, creating a Volkswagen-Audi Group concern, known for VAG abbreviation. And then the story begins

And it would seem that all the possibilities for expanding the automotive family are exhausted, however, a message has just received a message that the German concern acquires 51% of the Chinese shares

Why did the German automaker needed not the largest Chinese car brand, and in principle the average size

The German concern has a number of joint ventures with Chinese partners. Back in 1984, the first joint venture was created, which began issuing a licensed VW Passat B2, 50% of the shares were for VW, 35% for SAIC, the remaining 15% for China’s bank. Since then, VW has become the owner of several large production sites in the PRC. Including, and with the largest —

The Chinese government has long been cherished Hope to strengthen the brand JAC, there were even plans

Volkswagen began to look closely at Jac after the start of the Electric Jac IEV7S project, which in the summer will officially come to the Russian market (through Kazakhstan). Germans joined the transaction and organized a joint venture VW-JAC on

Volkswagen calculation lies in the fact that this is the most popular brand in the PRC, under which in 2019 sold just over 3 million cars (cars of the brand JAC — about 140 thousand). Accordingly, using the widely represented dealer network throughout the territory of the PRC, you can electromotive Sol to make the most popular electrocarcation in China. And not only in China, but also in other overseas markets. Therefore, we are talking about buying half of the shares of the State Enterprise Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co (JAC). And to brand

The other day it became known that the Chinese electric car from Jac will soon bring to Russia. Prices will be known closer to the top of sales. JAC IEV7S is based on the JAC S2 model, but it is characterized by the body design, which was configured under the electric motor. In the length of the novelty 4 135 mm, in width — 1,750 mm, in height — 1 560 mm, the wheelbase reaches 2490 mm, and the clearance is 130 mm. For the Russian market, the electric car will be collected at the Saryarkaavtoprom plant in Kazakhstan. So far, the model is certified, and the exit to the Russian market is scheduled for August.