In the current Japanese automaker suzuki plunas in Russia, there are only three models. But in fact, this company has a much larger lineup. Our channel remembered why Suzuki refused to localize production in our country, and why Vitara remained in our market.

Japanese automaker Suzuki today takes not too high positions in the domestic car market. Last year, Mark was on 20th place with a sales volume of only 1.2 thousand cars. In the price list of Suzuki, only three models are presented: Jimni, Sx4 and Vitara.

More recently, this small car company in the world’s global standards sold 28 thousand cars in our year, and in the list of automakers of the Russian market of the sample of that year, it was between Volkswagen and Skoda on the 12th place. Then the main car of Suzuki Grand Vitara. It is noteworthy that in some regions of the country where the network of official dealers appeared earlier than other foreign cars, the Suzuki brand came to the first ten regional markets.

The leadership of the Japanese company then had good views of Russia and its promising market. Today, few people remember that the Government of St. Petersburg even allocated a large land plot located in Shushary (where the Toyota plant works next door to the construction of an assembly enterprise. But soon the leadership of the Japanese automaker has changed priorities, and under various pretexts, it refused to build a car assembly complex. In particular, they complained that the site is strongly reversed and large investments in bringing it in order. After refusing from the construction of his company, the brand began to take positions in Russia. But her neighbors on the list-2007 German VW and Czech Skoda, localized production in the Russian Federation, only strengthened them.

In turn, Suzuki made a bet on European production in Hungary, where she has a plant in the city of Estergome. Another priority is a bet on a promising and very capacious Indian car market in the future. Today Suzuki is the owner of the MARUTI local brand, and it owns almost half of the Indian car market. Every year Suzuki sells 1.3-1.4 million cars in the local market.

And there was still an attempt to absorb Suzuki from General Motors in 2008. Next was the failure in partnership with German Volkswagen. The Japanese hoped to get modern European technologies in exchange for VW access to the markets of India and Pakistan, where Suzuki has leading positions. But the partnership did not work out, the Germans were in no hurry to share secrets with the Japanese. In 2015, Suzuki-Senior made Volkswagen sell to Japanese 20% of the shares for 3.8 billion dollars and ruined the agreement. This is as interesting and abundant by ambiguous events.

And you know, it turns out that we have a small group of people who call themselves «suzukodami». And here they will be interested in the following information. It turns out that Suzuki is preparing for the premiere of the new already fifth generation of Vitara crossover (at the local and number of other markets under the name of Escudo). This was announced by the Japanese portal Best Car.

Suzuki will position the Escudo of the Sample 2021 model year, as the crossover of the next, fifth on the score, generation, but fundamentally the design of the SUV will not change: the novelty will save the chassis architecture, and the line of power units.

The new Vitara / Escudo will add in length of 25 mm, in a width of 5 mm, and in an altitude of 20 mm, the wheel base of 2500 millimeters will remain the same. Thus, the overall length will increase to 4200 millimeters. The appearance will change evolutionally: the crossover will switch to completely diode optics, the area of the radiator grille will increase, the profile of the sidewall will change, and the rear rack will become more submitted in favor of a more sporty silhouette.

The biggest changes will be in the interior: Suzuki will refuse an outdated front panel, will offer a new information and entertainment complex and advanced electronic systems to correspond to the level of European and Korean competitors.

The four-cylinder engine 1.4 will be equipped with a 48-volt moderately hybrid «imagination»: a 13.6-strong electric motor will help a gasoline 129-strong turbomotor to save fuel during disks and allow to meet the environmental norms.

«The Atmospheric» 1.6 with a capacity of 117 horsepower will remain in the range: it is likely that this unit will not be offered in all markets. Changes in the transmission are not expected, and therefore Vitara will retain the 5-speed «mechanics» and the 6-speed «automatic», front or four-wheel drive.

It is assumed that the premiere of the new Suzuki Vitara will be held in October 2020, and sales will begin in the first quarter of 2021. The SUV will also be brought to Russia, because the current Vitara is sold.