One of the phenomena of the domestic car market today with complete confidence can be called the increase in the popularity of merchant crossovers. What is the paradox of this phenomenon, because this body is less practical, in addition, they are more expensive than similar universal

Fashion for merchant crossovers came with the advent of the BMW X6 market in 2007. Such a car combines in itself as signs of an SUV (four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, large wheels, a trap engine) and a coupe (a strong bevel of the roof in the rear of the car). Such a combination generated a new type of car — a sports compartment for outdoor activities, or SPORTS Activity Coupé (SAC). In the model ranges of almost all leading automakers, a cross-coupe appeared. The passion for them has become almost universal.

True, not only in automakers in the form of the coupe has become popular, they also found a response from wide layers of motorists. When Renault’s Russian representation recently created the image of the ARKANA model, it has identified a greater extent according to the results of polls of domestic motorists. As Anatoly Kaltsev recalls, the main expert on the product Renault Russia, if it is conditionally a certain belt line of the car, then the bottom part was immediately clear: people are waiting for something «crossover», with increased road lumen, rather large wheels and a rather large wheelbase. But the upper part all saw in different ways. Renault specialists showed respondents a car profile, very schematic. There were silhouettes square, very utilitarian, were classic — sedans, hatchbacks, universal. Form factor showed any. But the choice of the majority pointed to a merchant silhouette, because It turned out to be the most attractive for customers. As a result, the coupe received a «prize of visual sympathies.»

But still, why the cross-coupe has become so popular as in automakers and motorists.

This question answered the data of the American Research and Consulting Company Strategic Vision. For car hospitals, it is important that buyers of such cars are on average for four to five years younger than buyers of similar

In addition, buyers of merchant crossovers are less sensitive to the cost of a car than buyers of «ordinary» modifications, which means that for automakers such versions are more profitable.

On the other pole shoppers cross-coupe. And they, in turn, are more concerned about their own image. «Most of all, buyers of these cars want to look stylish, being driving a car, different from others,» said President Strategic Vision Alexander Edwards. «They perceive the car by the continuation of themselves — so the gamer associates himself with an online avatar.» Therefore, in addition to the desire to show yourself, they want the car to demonstrate their success. «