The development of the model range of automakers in Russia is spelled out in so special confact packers (SPIK), which conclude for 10 years. So, within the framework of the prisoner in 2019

This is that in addition to the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover, which is produced at the Kaluga factory in Russia, another crossover of the local assembly on the step should appear. We are talking about this C 2019, when the presentation of production plans in the Argentine branch was shown a slide in which the geography of the VW TAREK was published. The crossover with the same name was intended for the Latin American market. In turn, in China and the Russian Federation corporate neiming offered another name — VW Trow.

That this novelty starts at the end of the year and will be produced at the capacity of the Gorky Automobile Plant, where the release of Lifbeca Skoda Octavia has been established today and

And since VW TAREK (Tharu) is a direct relative of Czech Karoq,

While the two last models are «dark horses», although given the model gamut of the German concern, you can calculate them. It is not a lot of work — apparently the younger model is an analogue of the European VW T-Rock (at the top of the photo), and the eldest, it is possible that VW Terramont.

However, the main thing in the spike, these are the obligations that the German automaker took upon themselves concerned the deepening of localization. The agreement indicates the volume of investments in the amount of 61.5 billion rubles. (More than $ 1 billion at that time on the currency rate), which pledged to make in the Russian Federation by Avtokontracean until December 31, 2028. This is a gigantic amount, if we consider that today the investment in your business reaches $ 1.83 billion.

To deepen the localization within which the Volkswagen Group plans to work is supposed to increase the production of engines. For which motor production in Kaluga will increase its production capacity by half a 300 thousand motors per year of the EA211 series. Today, the power of the motor factory is designed for the production of 150 thousand power units.

Note that all

It is also assumed to deepen them to localization in the Russian Federation with the implementation of operations: the mehowing of the connecting rod-piston group, the crankshaft, the head of the cylinder block, the cylinder block. In addition, it is envisaged to use the billets of the crankshaft, the block of cylinders, the head of the Russian production unit. Also plans to localize the transmission change box and electronic control systems.

To date, the Volkswagen model line includes Polo, Jetta and Passat sedans, as well as Tiguan, Terramont and Touareg crossovers. NEW TAREK, he, Tharu in the Chinese market, will be located on the stage below Tiguan. Earlier it was reported that its production will be put up until the end of 2020 at the factories of the plant in Nizhny Novgorod.