Following the output of the crossover coupe Renault Arkana, the Renault Kaptur crossover will be drastically updated. It became known that the updated Renault Kaptur received Russian approval of the type of vehicle.

It would seem that the crossover, the start of production of which occurred only 4 years ago in March 2016, and sales started in the summer of the same year, not so outdated. But Russia decided in Renault still differently.

We see that the reason is that, on the one hand, the Arkana exit was influenced by the market position of the crossover. Many remember that the sales of «Capture» last fall and at the beginning of winter began to fall. At the very beginning, when the model was taken to the Russian market in front of it in 2016, modest tasks were set — to sell about 15-20 thousand copies per year. Recall that these numbers are achieved and even blocked. In 2018, there were 30 thousand new owners of the «Capture» in the country, and in the past a little more than 25 thousand. Of course, against the background of a more successful Hyundai Creta, with the result of more than 71 thousand achievements, Renault Kaptur is modest, but still it is worth considering that the car is stylish and is not focused on the widest range of motorists, as a simpler and utilitarian design of Korean.

Secondly, Renault’s line recently updated a little bit, and therefore came the Kaptur turn to start the process of moving to a new modernized platform, which was a little previously built «Arkana». Thirdly, it will be interesting to see what the market environment «Capture» has changed. We have searched and found the infographics of a four-year limit, where the Renault Kaptur has just entered the Renault Kaptur market comes with competitors. Looking at this list, I remember the words «other people, and those distant.» But what is important. Renault Kaptur, designed for the Russian market, has the longest body (4333 mm) compared to the above competitors and the longest wheelbase (2674 mm). It distinguishes it from other compact crossovers. According to the external dimensions, the novelty from Renault is rather approaching the SUV-C segment models. And here it is necessary to understand that the intersection with the Renault Arkana coupe coupe, which is positioned in this dimensional class should not be.

Although Renault Kaptur is more like a «urban» crossover, it can boast of good geometric permeability with 204 mm clearance and angle angles of 20 ° and a congress of 31 °. The off-road is uniquely better than everyone will feel Renault Duster.

And now it is necessary to look at the FTS, what information is disclosed about the updated version? The car received by Russian approval of the vehicle will be sold in Russia with an anterior drive, which will receive three modifications of the model, as well as in all-wheel drive execution.

Also Renault Kaptur received a lot from the senior «Arkana». First, after restyling, the model will move to a modular platform of a new generation, separating it from Arkana. This processed familiar B0, which was subjected to deep upgrades, thanks to which the chassis and steering settings were improved. Agree how this is all familiar to updates from other autocontracens. Recall that the new Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo are left on the former PQ-25 trolley, which has also drastically moved, instead of putting new ones on the fashionable trolley of the MQB concern.

Also, an updated «Capture» along with a fresh architecture will receive a familiar to us along the same Arkana 150-strong turbocharged gasoline volume of 1.3 liters TCI (H5H), working with the X-Tronic variator and the full drive system. In addition, the car will acquire an electromechanical steering amplifier.

The Renault H4M engine (1.6 L volume) is also left, which is known for the current version of the car, developing 114 hp, but in which the ignition coils and candles will be replaced. As for the transmission, then, judging by the FTS, the updated KAPTUR will have a traditional 5-speed manual transmission and variator. The classic «automaton» is no longer provided. Otherwise, everything is still.

The crossover is also positioned as domestic, but its production is built into the technological chains of the French Renault Concern. So, the 1.3-liter Motor H5N is delivered from Spain from Valladolid, a 6-speed manual transmission from Romanian Pitesti. Well, gasoline engines H4M from Tolyatti from AvtoVAZ.

Apparently, after putting on the Renault Kaptur conveyor, Duster turn will come. And something suggests that it will also be built on the recycled and deeply upgraded Global Access platform.