There was no such precedent in history. The city, which has recently called himself the «trolleybus capital of the world,» refused not just from this status, but also «drank» a whole type of urban passenger transport.

In the very recent past, the Moscow trolleybus was a system of more than 600 km of a contact network, consisting of 84 routes that served more than one and a half thousand units of rolling stock. More recently, Moscow trolleybuses on the volume of transportation «Delighted» tram. And so overnight the trolleybus history of the capital of the Russian Federation has been completed.

The first significant blow to trolleybus was inflicted in 2016, when the contact network was removed in the historic center of the city within the garden and the boulevard rings, and the usual routes began to operate buses that meet Euro-5 standards. Then began dismantling the contact network in other parts of the city. The public all this process called the capacit definition of the «big trolleybus pogrom».

At the meeting with experts, the leaders of Mosgortrans explained what was happening that the trolleybus is inferior to buses in all respects, he is nerviar, its operation has become expensive, etc. Electrobe must come to shift. For which you do not need to pull the expensive contact network. He is maneuveran, transports as many passengers and environmental.

The large-scale plans of the Moscow government declared the number of electricians before the end of the year to 600 units. And in 2023 to 2,300 units. And replace with them not only trolleybuses, but also to start the process of displacement from the capital routes of buses with DVS.

And what to do with the remaining trolley buses. It has already been hunting. The fact is that the residual resource of the Trolleybus Park of the capital was not developed and did not fly. This made it possible to start the transmission of the metropolitan rolling stock into the Trolleybus Parks «Zamcadja», in a number of regional centers, located mainly in the European part of the country.

Such a large-scale distribution also does not remember the history of the country.

The carriage of the Trolley buses in Rostov-on-Don has just been completed. The Don Capital received 60 Moscow «slingshots», so affectionate drivers called Trolleybus. The same amount of rolling stock has gained recruitment in Voronezh. 40 units of equipment in Nizhny Novgorod are donated. But the largest batch of trolley buses will go to Saratov. The State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin agreed on the gratuitous transfer of 80 units of technology.

This is how the glorious almost 85-year-old history of the Moscow trolleybus ended. And for the comfort of fans, it was decided to leave one route: from Komsomolskaya Square to Novoryazanskaya Street. Moreover, the authorities promise that on this route is on a parrollaibuses along with ordinary «horns», it will be a kind of attraction-museum.