Alliance of the two Korean automakers — Hyundai and Kia took place after the 1998 Asian crisis. During this period, the internal optimization process, it became essentially an answer to the challenges of the world car market.

Now you will not surprise anyone the fact that at the heart of the models both Hyundai and Kia lie the same platforms, the same technical solutions, the same engines, etc.

But for some reason, with the most popular crossover on the Russian market, everything was somewhat different.

This popularity did not prevent even the discovered flaws of both the technical and design plan. Such as the «oak» suspension, poor insulation, insufficient LCP thickness, which brings to the appearance of «red» stains — all this has already been described many times and repeatedly told in various automotive resources. But these negative assessments, and the so-called «children’s diseases» did not interfere with the growth of the popularity of the car.

Today, according to the end of July 2020, it is necessary to state that Hyundai Creta has become the most popular foreign car in the country, moving away from the pedestal of the long-term owner of this honorable title — Kia Rio.

However, even then, four years ago, at the very beginning of the victorious procession, Hyundai Creta was naturally the question arose: and where is the similar bestseller from KIA? Why does another brand of the Korean motorcycle do not withdraw analogue in this popular class of cars?

The answer was imputed to this question: since the production capacity of the Hyunde Manuff Turing Rus plant has been loaded by 100% for many years, and to produce future bestseller from Kia in essence prevents insufficient power of this enterprise. But last year, the information was penetrated into the press that the KIA in this class of crossovers will play a new car with SELTOS title. Our canal back in June 2019 showed photographs from autoparaszi.

It seemed, well, this car is the «double» Creta, which is also worthy of the pedestal. Some autogururities, immediately even become called the model «Creta’s killer».

But the phenomenal success Korean classmate did not show. This success did not happen, like Hyundai Creta, who from the first month of sales became the leader of the class SUV in Russia. Kia Seltos is already present in our market for half a year, and the results are very and very modest.

Look, Korean automaker KIA has published the results of sales for July 2020: last month the brand dealers have implemented 18038 cars, and Kia Seltos chose only 555 domestic motorists. But the owners of a classmate Hyundai Creta were 7,555 car owners in the Russian Federation. Phenomenal gap —

Kia Seltos did not bypassed the Kia Soul urban parckarter. For comparison, in the last month, SOUL differed in circulation of 880 units, the large crossover SORENTO PRIME has a 941 buyer in its asset, and Sportage — 3750. In March, when dealer centers worked even in full force, Kia Seltos showed the best result from the start of sales March 2, 2020: 1242 cars.

The reasons for the sales recession of the model can be wounded in several factors: the first, of course, the pandemic and restrictions with it are associated, the second is the cessation of sales of KIA SELTOS in some configurations associated with the detection of the defect blocking mechanism of the steering column, the third — increase in cars in the spring of this year .

But in general, still you should call

If Creta, this is the embodiment of asceticism, then SELTOS If it is possible to be so expressed — a richer relative. This is expressed in many characteristics, starting with the design: Against the background, the SELTOS is angry with a shaved Krett, although not a masterpiece, but looks over and more interesting.

The first thing that is immediately striking is that Kia Seltos is not a single-platform Hyundai Creta. They have a somewhat different base. SELTOS divides the platform with a little-known Hyundai Kona parquet, which was created for the European, USA and Korea markets. And this fact rejuvenates KIA SELTOS from the Creta utilitarian crossover, although they are positioned in the same SUV-B class. Kia Seltos is 10 cm longer, the base is 2,630 mm. You can still give different facts about the richer equipment of the car, but the conclusion is one — Seltos is not capable of becoming a «rich relative» Krett. And this, naturally, is reflected in price. And this is another factor playing against SELTOS.

We note another moment. Two Korean cars have two identical atmospheric motors with a volume of 1.6 liters and 2.0 liters. It is in the eyes of Russian motorists a great plus. But SELTOS has a third more powerful turbo-link (177 hp). It is noteworthy that in the most senior versions with more powerful engines (150 hp and 177 hp) the choice of transmission is a seven-step robot with a more powerful engine and a variator with a 2-liter.

And the most important factor that for some reason is often not taken into account. Kia Seltos is a local model, that is, its release is organized in the territory of the Russian Federation. As you know, Hyundai and Kia are practically not importing cars, and they collect them in the Russian Federation with one or another small or large-sized assembly. In the Korean company, apparently, did not feed large illusions about the sales volumes of KIA SELTOS and in the Kaliningradsky plant, the autotrota created the capacity of 30 thousand cars of this model. Note that last year in Russia it was possible to implement 71.4 thousand Hyundai Creta. So, nevertheless, the authors of the automotive media were excited to declare Seltos in advance with a certain «killer.»

If we talk about the KIA model line, in principle, SELTOS took place between Soul and Sportage. And over time, it will be released on decent sales.