Information that the Chinese automaker is preparing to sell the HAVAL H5 SUV sales of the SUV, which will be an attractive alternative to the domestic UAZ «Patriot», as a bright spotlight beam, an attitude towards the Russian car market. It was also officially stated that «the» Patriot «killer stood on the Khaveyl Motor Manuff Turing Rus plant in the Tula region.

Under this name, the Chinese SUV Great Wall Hover is hidden on the Russian market. But it is worth looking at it under a different angle. Somewhat by a few «advanced» HAVAL F7 crossovers, the Great Wall leadership decides on the download

The Chinese automaker made his choice: Russians need something easier, cheaper and domestic. What does it mean in

Carrier design — Rama, engine Mitsubishi 4G63S4T, manufactured by Schnyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors Engine Manufacturing. The power unit has a volume of 2.0 liters, with turbocharging, in two versions. Basic develops 150 hp at 5600 rpm and 250 nm at 2400-4200 rpm. A more powerful version of 177 hp At 5,200 rpm, while it is the same as the «shelf» is wider: 2400-4800 rpm. The mechanical box of ZM016HF 6 steps from Zhejiang Zhongma Transmission is attached «Distribution» R631D. Front suspension — independent, torsion, rear — dependent, spring with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Transverse stability stabilizer is also in front and rear. With a wheelbase of 2700 mm, the road clearance of the machine, according to the Chinese company website, is 225 mm.

It is clear that the Great Wall corporation has invested $ 500 million to the Tula enterprise, and the natural desire of any investor to beat off the cash. And since the current

But if our car market, according to Chinese management, can be considered developing, as evidenced by the model policy of the Great Wall pioneer,

But before all today’s events with new cars, everything was very simple: every third car of the planet was made on the automotive plants located in China, it was sold there and was bought there. The PRC share accounted for almost 30% of the volume of world automotive production: 28 million from 95 million machines. An automotive power number one China became back in 2009, when Japan by production went around, and the United States for sales. At present, superiority over the American market has already become almost twice. How to change the situation current

Huge developing monster

But the question is, to what type of markets are the PRC? Is it a developed or developing car market? Let’s deal with.

First, since 2017, an analogue of the EURO-5 environmental standard has been introduced in Chinese car market. That is, as we see, this is not the most advanced standard, and China in terms of environmental requirements acts as a catchy side. According to pre-crisis plans, Euro-6 will come into force in October 2021. However, Chinese automakers are not waiting for a turning point, and the engines are already developing under these norms.

Secondly, everyone who follows the global auto industria, the facts are well known when automakers choose China for debuts of their worldwide models. It is well known, reading any opus about such an event, we see the title, they say, the production of updated, for example, model Hyundai Solaris began. And we describe all the features of the model … for the Chinese market. And ne.

But it is not all. Pay attention to which fact. As you know, for catching development, China has attracted the largest foreign automakers who hurt over endless opportunities and discovered numerous joint ventures with local partners. This policy is three decades. And here is its fruits. The leader of the Chinese market is German Volkswagen. But what strategy does he stick to the Middle Kingdom? Surprise. Almost like Mao Jie Duna — «Let a hundred colors bloom.» In China, Volkswagen has long been adhered to the policies of the duplication of key models, releaseing a classmates at different plants under various names. The FAW-Volkswagen joint venture produces Sagitar sedans (one of the leading models in the PRC), two years ago it was an adapted version of the Jetta of the sixth (previous) generation. At Shanghai Volkswagen, the Schanghai Volkswagen site produces a family under the name Lavida: sedans and hatchbacks (analogue of the current Jetta). Also this company began to release the new Volkswagen Bora, this is a 100% analogue of the «international» model Jetta and the Chinese sedan Lavida Plus. In general, in this Chinese diploma it is difficult to understand. But the fact that the new Bora moved to the MQB modular platform in a simplified version with a semi-dependent rear suspension. Here is a key word simplification. After all, the Chinese market is developing.

Trend on simplification refers to a new brand. Turns out,

The first year was published last year, the compact crossover Jetta VS5 was released. This is a simplified fellow of the European model Skoda Karoq. The cheaper is felt mainly in the cabin: there are simple finishing materials, hard plastic and less advanced noise insulation. However, the set of options for Jetta is not the poorest: you can order two-zone climates control, electric drive front seats, a large-scale media system or even adaptive cruise control. More amazing engine selection. The Jetta VS5 crossover is not atmospheric, but a four-cylinder turbo 1.4 TSI with a capacity of 150 hp. But instead of the «robot» DSG, a classic six-speed Aisin «AIST machine» is installed, well-known to us on the models of the German concern (VW and Skoda) of Russian production. No, well, the atmofeners at VW in China have — this is a 1.5-liter unit (116 hp). Still, developing car markets are different. There is a developing market of China, and there is our Russian. Recall that the updated Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo for us did not even move to a more modern architecture of the MQB platform, and remained on the old PQ25 trolley.

And one more observation. In developed markets, cars of Chinese companies are practically not sold. Attempts were made to start expansion, but they failed. Here, for example Chery. The first attempt to the automaker took back in 2007. A contract was concluded with the Chrysler concern, according to which Chery was going to sell his cars in Mexico under the brand name Dodge, but the Americans quickly revealed a low engineering level of cars and terminated the contract. Over the past years, the Chinese company has never reached the Mexican market, but now has much more ambitious goals. In the USA and Canada will sell cars of Saturday

For example, Geely for electric vehicles and external expansion is a new brand Geometry. So ahead of us awaits the invasion of new names of Chinese automakers. Here is such a developing market from the neighbors from the East.