Today, the Russian automotive industry «Zokiklen» is mainly to meet the needs of the domestic market of the country, as well as the markets of neighboring states of the Customs Union, primarily the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan, and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. Supply of vehicles in foreign countries are interfered with their internal protective mechanisms adopted in various countries of the world and high standards and requirements for environmental class cars. In fact, for the new Russian car industry, a relatively small number of markets is open. The main buyers of cars produced by Russian plants are neighbors. Therefore, foreign automakers consider their investments in the Russian automotive industry in fact only to conquer the local car market.

Indicative example. Ford-Sollers Following the results of last 2019, increased exports of Ford Transit of Russian production by 42% compared with the previous 2018. The fact is that Ford Sollers has an agreement with Ford Motors, according to which the partner of the American automaker has the right to supply cars produced in Elabuga (Republic of Tatarstan) for export to countries of neighboring countries. At the same time, the largest share of the company’s exports fell into the Republic of Belarus.

However, the export of cars to foreign countries is very small. Thus, according to the results of 2019, about 10 thousand were delivered from the Eurasian Economic Union from the country

Leadership Skoda Kodiaq in exports from the Russian Federation to far abroad last year it turned out not by chance. Czech concern this way closes the high demand of the European market for cars produced in Nizhny Novgorod. A similar situation was observed two years ago, when for the first time more than 15 thousand Czech crossovers were exported from Russia.

The flagship of the domestic automaker —

As can be seen from the above data,

Also last year sales collapsed in Europe of the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ. Then at the enterprise, this fact was explained as follows: «In the context of tightening environmental standards in European countries, we need to adapt our export activities in this region accordingly. There is no doubt that at some point we will have to leave the EU countries for a while. «

To start selling its cars in a number of countries, it is necessary to organize their assembly there, according to the requirements of local legislation. So, last year at the car market of Egypt, sales of Lada Granta cars were started. The domestic car is produced at the facilities of the Egyptian company Alalamalco. The exit to the rather undemanding on the ecology and the sufficiently capacious market of this North African country is associated with a mandatory organization of car release on its territory. By the way, AvtoVAZ has been cooperating with this Egyptian company for more than 20 years with this Egyptian company, which initially produced classic LADA models. However, the number of such potential markets for domestic products is limited. Recall that cars LADA are currently sold for so far in 34 countries.

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