How often do we hear about those or other models of cars that they are bestsellers or terribly popular on a particular market. If you read these texts, it remains only to trust the authors and take everything for a clean coin.

Our channel decided to clarify and shed light on those models that are popular with our Western neighbors in Europe.

In July 2020 in Europe, according to their analytical data, 1.278.521 new cars were registered. This is not only the best result in one month this year, but also the best month since September 2019. However, on an annualized basis, the number of registrations decreased by four percent.

«If the current situation continues to improve, it will be possible to start talking about the restoration of the European automotive industry in the form of the letter V,» comments the July results of Jato Dynamics analyst Felippe Munos, preceding fresh information.

However, Europe is large and not everywhere the car market recovered from the strike caused by Quarantine and other measures. It turns out Jato noted the rapid restoration only in British, Danish, French or Spanish car markets.

Well, now about the purpose of our story — what models of cars are popular in Europe? The chain eye of the Russian motorist will immediately allocate three models from the list, which and we are among the most popular Russian car market.

Это Skoda Octavia, Dacia Sandero (Renault) и VW Tiguan.

The rest of the models from the list are either very poorly sold from us, or absent in our market. But it is necessary to keep in mind that even well-known and popular models in Europe differ in European installations (Europeans love downsayzing low-fat motors), gearboxes (they are in honor of the mechanic), and many many other characteristics.

The most popular models of the European market (27 countries)

Opening Jato’s study for familiarization, we did not doubt that the European pedestal will be a model

In third place follows

And here are two models

True, say that the new generation

By the way, this time four SUVs were represented in the TOP-10, more precisely the PARCATHER, the most sold from which was the fifth in the overall standings.

On Jato, we found data and electromotives and hybrids. For July 2020, they occupied 18% of the European market, and if it was considered to be a dynamic, then the number of registers jumped by 131% compared to a year earlier. The result of 230,700 pieces is even somewhat puzzled: does the process of electric vehicles went by seven-mile steps?

Analyst Philippe Munos recognizes that this was primarily influenced by the expansion of such cars, mainly Hybrids (hybrids)

Hybrids, such as Fiat 500 and Ford Puma, were most popular. Especially amazing is the low indicators of the American Tesla, the number of registers of which fell by 76% to 1050 electric cars