The results of the Russian car market of the last month have shown that during the self-insulation and so-called quarantine measures in the market formed

People tend to hold money and not spend them. But as soon as some predestination is found out, they start spending them. Today, when the overwhelming number of voiced forecasts suggests that soon the macroeconomic situation in the country may worsen, the national currency has devalued, immediately appeared

Now the buyer went to car dealerships and even put the record. In July 2020, after removing all quarantines, new cars were purchased more than in July 2019. When the situation was much calmer, and the consumer was not intimidated by the «horrors» about the instability of macroeconomics.

In July 2020, there were sold cars for a total of 231.3 billion rubles in Russia. This is more than last year’s result — 168 billion rubles. And in general, the money turnover on the Russian car market for the first 7 months of the current year reached a mark of 1.1 trillion rubles.

Since it is for this class of cars, referred to as SUV, the lion’s share of new cars has come, it is interesting to find out which cars used the greatest demand and amounted to the cash transfers. And now about the specifics, we are visually presenting the situation we have compiled a table.

In general, what is interesting to consider on changing positions in the class of popular crossovers.

First place holds traditionally

But somewhat unexpectedly second

It is worth paying attention to the biggest «failures» and the largest «discoveries» in the SUV class. After all, they testify to evolutionary re-formation of the market. Some models are popularly «down», other, on the contrary, occupy a strong position.

The most dynamic crossover of the Russian car market, not counting Hyundai Creta, in the class of popular crossovers turned out to be

Also strongly passed positions

On the contrary, a new crossover

Also in the positive zone crossovers

As for the monetary issue, the amounts that Russian motorists brought to the car dealerships, the greatest turnover on the car market managed to get from the sale of crossovers