Even in the current complex times in the car market, the share of crossovers and SUVs has grown and amounted to 48% for the first half of 2020.

Russians for the first half of the year were posing for the purchase of crossovers 606 billion rubles, from 997 billion rubles. spent on the purchase of new cars in the country.

In the first half of the year, our motorists acquired about 288.5 thousand new crossovers and SUVs. Our channel has compiled a rating of popularity of frequency and SUV models. What buys a typical Russian motorist, which trends in the SUV class are invisible. We set such a task. The data was collected from both automakers and analytical automotive agencies. It turned out quite extensive alignment, which will tell about many things. (See Table.).

High clearance leaders

Immediately discovery several interesting new trends among specific models, which are difficult to pass. So, Triumphantly in the top three leaders broke the new

The rapid climbing of the Japanese on top of popularity began in December last year with the change of generations. Even in November, he stood on the seventh stage of the class SUV. Why so high sales of Toyota RAV4? First of all, this is the reputation of the brand and this model, because for most buyers this criterion is key. Where there is no problem with corrosion of the body, the suspension has a very good resource. The variator on RAV4 with the right one can drive more than 350 thousand km., And «mechanics» and «automatic» are generally out of criticism for the entire service life of the car. Motors on RAV4, have a resource of at least 400 thousand km of run. A big plus RAV4 is its high liquidity in the secondary market.

Also high results

The top ten of the most popular crossovers of the Russian market included cars SUV-B and SUV-C classes, mostly Japanese and Korean brands. True, the top ten closes Czech newcomer —

Unexpected surprises

But already from the second dozen they begin surprises. Somewhere there should be promising bestsellers-newcomers SUV market — Czech crossover

But estimating the results of the second echelon crossovers will pay attention to which moment. The entire automobile segment of the Internet only says, they say, the novelty last year

But if you look at the results

Chinese patrimony

Chinese crossovers segment slowly, but are correctly gaining popularity. But so far, he cannot boast serious success. The most popular Chinese so far in the third echelon of the cross-segment of the Russian car market. On 21th place settled Haval F7 with a result of 2,698 units. With a slightly smaller result, the former leader of the Chinese segment of Geely Atlas was now completing. In terms of sales, these two Chinese bestsellers are still far from popular classmates. The Chinese, who made it into the conditional third echelon of the crossovers market, their neighbors on the rating were premium cars of Japanese and German brands.

Top 30 car class SUV in the Russian Federation first half of 2020