Not often on the world’s Internet will meet an objective rating of truck manufacturers. The other day, the specialists of the American truck manufacturer Paccar Inc. Announced a similar study that should have caused a sensation. But the domestic media automotive themes paid attention and noted, broadly by exposing a one fact by expanses. Bigger

The main criterion of this rating is the production of trucks with a complete mass of over 16 tons. This is important because in domestic reports, this plank is reduced to 14 tons. And everyone understands why. Therefore, plus — in the objectivity of the rating and more strict following the criteria. In total, the global auto industry produced 2.4 million heavy trucks last year.

Now let’s talk about sensations. This «Pakkarovsky» rating Top 20 leading manufacturers consists

If in last year’s freight equipment ratings, many years in the first place was German Daimler, then in this world top list he lost the championship

We, the Russians are nice to realize that the Chinese FAW was created in the 199ths of the Soviet specialists (1953). For six decades, the enterprise from the Middle Kingdom has done a giant path from the release of the first copies of the domestic ZIS-150 (Zzfan model) to the leader of the world freight car industry. More than 300 thousand trucks in the account of this Chinese automaker last year. It is clear that

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«Eastern Wind», so translates the name of the Chinese

But apparently the merger has not yet been carried out if Swedish is at the fourth position

Five of world leaders with a result of a little over 180 thousand cargo cars closes


Actually, the compiler itself is a rating —

Indian Concern Tata Motors

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Therefore, in the top 20 of world automakers, freight equipment did not get