Modern European automotive brand Dacia was born under the influence of our AvtoVAZ, as it will not seem strange. But today the situation has acquired an interesting turn.

The Romanian automaker Dacia was purchased by Renault in 1999. However, the date that really marked the Renaissance brand is 2005. To date, Dacia sold 6.5 million cars. For a small automaker, which was previously not known outside Romania, this is an incredible result! In our country, no one drew attention to the celebration of the 15-year history of this success. Nevertheless, in this story, fate and AvtoVAZ, and the Romanian automaker were closely intertwined.

Founded in 1966 in Romania, Dacia has always been associated with Renault: its first model, available only in the local market, was Renault 8 renamed Dacia 1100 and assembled using details produced in France. Then there appeared a car based on Renault 12, known as Dacia 1300.

In the late 80s beginning of the 90s of the last century, velvet, and not very velvet revolutions rolled the countries of Eastern Europe. And then Eastern European automotive assets began to buy leading European autocontracers. Of the more or less large Eastern European automakers in the 90s, only Dacia remained the latter.

In the end, in 1999, Renault concern acquired the Romanian manufacturer with a clear vision. According to the Renault Group’s corporate website — «Develop Dacia’s experience and use the geographical position to bring the cheapest sedan to the markets of Eastern Europe, which were then in the process of reformatting.» Simply put,

But the site silent about where the model of a cheap sedan appeared? And she appeared after a student trip to Russia of the then Chef Renault Louis Switzer, who visited car dealerships during his warport, where Lada was sold, and was pleasantly surprised by the price tag less than 5000 USD.

Inspired by the success of Logan, the French decided that Dacia needs to expand their model range. And in 2008, the Sandero hatchback appears and its cross-version of Sandero Stepway. Later, in 2010 another revolutionary model appeared: Dacia Duster crossover. This model that has now become a bestseller, made a SUV segment, which consisted only from top models, much more affordable. More than 1.6 million «anthers» sold from the moment of release.

Further, this small on world standards Romanian automaker expanded its model range: Logan MCV (wagon) in 2007, then Lodgy (MPV) and Dokker (MPV and van).

Who would have thought that the rhenault chef walk across the Lada salon would lead to such consequences? Dacia is now the 5th brand in terms of sales in Europe.

Roads diverged

But that’s not all. The fact is that in the capital of Romania under the control of Renault, a major R & D Center Dacia began work. What are they specializing on? Creative design of new cars, execute the design work. Also, Dacia employs motor production, which in the pre-crisis 2019 released 509 thousand power units, the production of transmissions and a number of other autocomponents also operates. That is, Dacia is almost the same technologically complete production, as well as AvtoVAZ.

But there is one interesting moment. Romania is part of the European Union, which means Dacia works on the European rules. After all, despite some kind of cheapness of her cars, the automaker must comply with the requirements of the European market. We will not touch the trend to electromotive, this is a separate conversation. But on European signs pay attention.

The most popular crossover in the model line, as is known, Dacia Duster of the second generation. So, in 2018, it was dismissed and the last of the Mogican is the atmospheric gasoline engine 1.6 SCE. His place in the gamma was taken by a new three-cylinder engine 1.0 TSE. The engine is produced on Dacia and is distinguished by using plasma spraying technology on the walls of cylinders, a turbocharger with an electrocattor, optimized cooling channels and an exhaust manifold unit. Retreat — 100 hp and 160 nm. Here is like

We recently told about that the most

But that’s not all. Today there are tests and soon new Dacia Logan / Sandero will be presented. And here we are waiting for a surprise. New Dacias will say goodbye to the current B0 platform (it is Global Access). The fact is that the third generation of these cars will move to the French modular platform CMF-B. Of course, Romanian cars will not automatically be from this Renault Clio of the last generation, but will be slightly simplified and, accordingly, more accessible. After all, European buyers have different wealth. But the fact itself speaks about many.

What am AvtoVAZ? He is prepared by Renault Group his fate. The Lada brand ranks at the market of the Customs Union the lower price segment, the Renault brand is a higher level, but also in the available segment. Attempts to remove the Dacia brand in the Russian Federation, as you know, have not been undertaken.

On AvtoVAZ, as you know, work