For the Russian Federation, car brands’ care has already become accustomed. In recent years, Russian car market has left Korean SsangYong, Spanish Seat, American Ford, and earlier General Motors. This list can be continued. Who will win from the next Datsun departure?

The reason for the care of the next player from the Russian Federation is the strong volatility of the Russian car market. These are strong oscillations of demand and sales volumes. Therefore, the management of automakers comes to making a decision on minimizing all operations in the falling market, or a decrease in the model range of cars sold.

As you know, Datsun is a daughter brand of Japanese

By and large, cars of the Datsun brand played on the AvtoVAZ field, therefore, at first glance, the beneficiary is a domestic cargoant. But it is not so. With the care of Datsun, unsatisfied demand appears. Let’s estimate it. If we take the data of the Association of European Businesses as the basis, then last year the sale of the budget Japanese brand the Committee was estimated at 22.4 thousand. At the same time, the sales volume of the Noteform Lada Granta amounted to 135.8 thousand cars. There is a six-time difference. Since the beginning of the year, 5.9 thousand Datsunov and 38.4 thousand «Grant» — six and a half times are inclusively sold from the beginning of the year. That is, with the departure of the Japanese budget brand, Lada Granta will automatically grow by 15-17%. Only under the same condition — if the one who planned to buy models Datsun on-do and Mi-Do will decide to make a choice in favor of Granta.

But, as you know, during the care of the brand, the sale always takes place, and dealers, as a rule, declare discounts. They need to clear warehouses and showrooms. And such sales are usually stretched to six months and are observed even later. An example has just happened before our eyes. Ford announced the departure in the first half of last year, and the last copies of cars with blue oval were recorded in March, when the last 18 pieces were sold.

Now in Russia, two Datsun models are sold — ON-DO sedan and Mi-Do Hatchback. AvtoVAZ is engaged in their production in Togliatti on the Lada Granta assembly conveyor. Datsun Some of the cheapest cars on the Russian market. The sedan is from 511 thousand rubles, and the hatchback — from 534 thousand.

The exit of the revived Datsun brand in the Russian Federation took place in 2013-2014, when the Russian market grew dynamically. But, then in 2015 the market fell strongly. The brand did not have time to strengthen. Yes, in addition, in the Japanese brand cars, there were practically no differences from the VAZ analogs or by the configuration, nor in value. Therefore, sales result is one Datsun on six Lada Granta.


Datsun production will be completed at the end of 2020, the supply of dealers will continue until March 2021, and retail sales will last until all cars are realized. Surely, the last cars will be sold out in the second half of next year.

But by this time, perhaps the Lada Granta model should commit