The global car market is a tallest piece for manufacturers. Sales of about nine tens of millions of cars per year are evaluated in a breathtaking amount at exceeding several hundred trillion dollars.

Naturally, the desire to have a piece of cake from this amount and the competitive struggle of automakers is poured. Who owns the world automobile market, and accordingly, grasps the fattest pieces of the world «autopirog»?

During the current year, due to the Coronavir Pandemic, the world cake was somewhat risen. But not so much to stop this eternal struggle for him. The Focus2Move Internet resource was the rating of leading automakers (more precisely, worldwide auto-passes), which are at the top of the world autopyramid, and, it means that they are the main kush of the world car industry.

So, according to the first half of 2020, the top of the rating was

In the second position —

Third position —

Fourth South Korean



Behind him follows

Announced «Union» between

Recall that the name is already invented for the new alliance —

Closes the top 10 rating

Total first dozen was able to sell more than 23 million cars in the first half of the year. So while who owns the automotive world for today. But outside there are the first dozen there are several active players of the second echelon. They are active, they want to break through this first echelon. And soon we will hear about them.