Today, about half of the produced cars Gazelle NEXT is equipped with an ISF 2.8 Cummins engine, which has become the first mass diesel for easy commercial vehicles in Russia.

This question is a group of gas ten years ago, quite simply decided. After all the calculations and consideration of proposals from various companies, it was decided to buy a diesel engine from Chinese partners. Today is about half

The ISF series was originally developed for emerging markets. Therefore, the gas group immediately became one of the leading customers of this diesel. Motor comes with a Foton-Cummins joint enterprise conveyor.

In addition to Gazelle and Valdaev, this motor is set to a large number of models manufactured in different countries: from Chinese Foton to Brazilian Volkswagen. Today in the Russian Federation the number of these engines installed on the Gorky Plant vehicles has exceeded 200,000 pieces.

Immediately arises the question, and not cheaper

Gas collaboration and Cummins have already numbered for about 10 years. The first ISF 2.8 diesel engines of the 2010 sample corresponded to the Euro-3 standard. Over the past period, the engine has been modified, it has become more reliable, although it slept a bit in comparison with the predecessor and corresponds to Euro-5. The selection of the Cummins diesel engine for the NEXT Gazelle was successful, the resource of a diesel engine to overhame is about half a million kilometers.

Today, cargo transporters are mainly complaining about the three main problems of the diesel engine: extinguishing block gaskets, turbocharger failures, a fuel filter block.

Now Cummins has created a new small diesel engine of the next generation, corresponding to the norms of Euro-6. This is a completely different motor with a new block, head and pistons. It is 70 kg easier existing, has increased injection pressure and built-in motor brake. According to the creators, the engine’s resource has increased. So far, such a motor is not relevant for our cargo transporters, since the relevant Euro-6 has not yet been introduced in the country.

But that’s what is interesting, already as two years old, the Gazelle is trying on another diesel. At last year’s exhibition ComTrans-2019 on the Gaza stand was presented a prototype of a new commercial car Gazelle NN. Under the hood of this truck, the Volkswagen two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 136 hp, which works in a pair with a new six-speed «mechanics».

And here’s another information and it also concerns gazelles and its power unit. It is known that the owner of the GAZ Group Oleg Deripaska and his company are under the scrutiny of the US Department of Finance, or rather under sanctions. It is necessary to take into account that Cummins headquarters is still located outside the ocean. And when strengthening sanitation pressure, there is a risk of banning supplies. Such preceders were already in history when the Urengoy-Pomara-Uzhgorod gas pipeline was built, for the transportation of natural gas to the countries of Western Europe, an embargo was introduced for the supply of heavy Caterpillar pipestipers to our country, then it was the USSR.

By the way, there is a change in Cummins ISF 2.8 and is called Huadong. It is said that this is the same Cummins ISF only painted in gray, and not traditionally red «Cammins» color. And even in approval, the FTS was issued in October 2018 for the NEXT Gazelle, a familiar diesel engine is 2.8 liters, only with two names — Cummins and Huadong (HD). Here is such a move, just in case.

And since the different version of the events should always be prepared, then such information from the Federal Republic of Belarus should not pass. At the Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ), known in the CIS countries by the leading supplier of diesel engines for tractors and special equipment, as well as for cargo and commercial equipment, the serial production of the new four-cylinder diesel engine 4DTI began. This power unit with a volume of 2.1 liters is designed for tractors and special equipment, but MMG-4DTI is also suitable for UAZ SUVs, and for the commercial line «Gazelle». This was told about the director of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) Alexander Roggennik. In the future, this motor may also be under the hood of the mass technology produced on gas. But this is in perspective and in the case of sanctuction pressure.

What represents this power unit? The diesel engine MMZ-4DTI has a volume of 2.1 liters, in different variations it can develop the power from 49 to 140 hp, torque from 160 to 330 nm. Performance depends on the presence of turbocharging and the degree of forcing. The basis for the «fourth» was the three-cylinder 1.6-liter MMZ-3LD engine — the degree of unification reaches 70 percent.

Motor has high localization. In the Republic of Belarus, there are almost all components for a new diesel engine, except for fuel equipment — it is ordered from the Czech company MotorPal. The head of the Minsk Motor Plant In an interview with a Multi-Building Militail, two lack of a power unit: a large mass (about 270 kg) and a non-compliance with the EURO-5 environmental standard. This will still prevent the installation of the motor on the Serial Gazelle NEXT.

While the MMZ-4DTI engine will not satisfy the criteria for Euro-5, equipping this engine new cars sold in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, it is impossible. This means that for some time MMZ-4DTI will be relevant only for buyers in the secondary market.

But what is important, MMZ is working on an increase in the ecological purity of the 4DTI motor, so that in the future the Belarusian engine can replace the Cummins ISF2.8 turbo diesel engine under the hood of gazelles. If Belarusian motorists manage to increase the environmental purity of the MMZ-4DTI, the new engine will become the first diesel unit made in the CIS and the corresponding EURO-5 standard.