Why did American tractors be powerless before European?

Today, few people remember such an interesting fact of the recent Russian history, which occurred with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his memorable trip on the Khabarovsk-Chita route by Lada Kalina in 2008.

Vladimir Putin did a stop at 791 km of the Amur highway. At this place is one of the few large parking lots with cafes and maintenance for heavy trucks. There were eight trucks in the parking lot, of them seven (!) — American brands and one «KAMAZ». Truckers told the premiere that KAMAZ cars are uncompetitive. According to them, on American cars and control is easier, and space sleeping wide, even refrigerators are worth. «KAMAZ» does not have it, and even very roads. It’s easier to buy a bashing American than the new «KAMAZ», the drivers told.

Truckers also noted that the dimensions of foreign trucks are quite impressive, and our narrow roads. «And you go to domestic,» Putin advised. «They certainly fit into dimensions.» «In general, we build roads under our cars,» said the prime minister, to which drivers noticed: «And you need to build the roads for us!». Here is such an unexpected market cut. This conversation was continued. The prime minister spoke about the meeting with truckers to the head of KamAZ Sergey Kogogo. «I promised the men to bring to you and do it publicly,» Putin said at the United Russia interregional conference. He reminded that, according to truckers, American cabins are more comfortable, and the power plant is better. Such praise was awarded used American tractors from Putin’s mouth.

And indeed, if you recall Russian tracks 5-10-15 years ago, one of the significant elements of the traffic of those years was a large number of American capatites. «Americans» are actively used in us as long-range equipment, but not only. It should be noted such an interesting fact. A large number of carriers used the US production technique is absolutely not intended. American tractors have always been famous for their reliability, durability, comfort, maintainability, the ability to withstand heavy loads. Apparently, this prompted a large number of equipment owners to use road tractors, for example, with dumping semi-tramps, tanks, and so on. Of course, American trucks can also perform such work, but in order for the technique to pay off, income and pleasure from owning it, requires special modifications, and not cars that work on the USA’s expanses in highways.

At the time of the so-called fat years of the last decade, the distribution of «roles» on the Russian market of freight equipment. The «dumping» sector was rapidly captured by Chinese brands, the share of Chinese technology then there were more than a third of the market. But the long-range niche seized the used Europeans and Americans. Explains everything is quite simple. The Chinese dump truck perfectly satisfied the demand formed during the construction boom and approached for a number of parameters and criteria to our builders and road builders. Its initial price turned out to be the main argument in comparison with Russian, Belarusian and second-hand European and Japanese / Korean dump trucks. The niche of the medium-room and low-tonnads occupied the Japanese and Korean stamps — both new and used. Our channel disassembled in detail

Returning to the comparison of technology, we note that the ball in the long-range sector Europeans and Americans also ruled. So, the FRIGHTLINER brand rose in the ranking of used cars for the honorable third place. Among the heavy second-hand, the preferences of carriers were distributed at the end of the decade as follows: in the first place — Volvo, immediately behind it — MAN and Freightliner. In addition to the American «Mercedes» (Frightliner is part of Daimler AG), the list of best-selling among Americans was American Volvo, Kenworth, Mack, International, etc.

After the crisis of 2009 for Americans has begun not the best period in our market. Especially for bashing technology. For her, the state «included» various prohibitive mechanisms.

However, in a number of cities, dealer centers for the sale of new American freight equipment were discovered, but she did not go, and the «golden age» of Americans in our country went to the sunset. Today, there are no American trucks in the top lists of the Russian market of cargo equipment, their Belle époque has turned out to be short. But among truckers drivers, you will definitely meet those who will tell from their experience: what a pleasure to conquer Russian expanses on the «American». Although there is no long-distance track, but the capotic tractor will flamer with a huge cabin in a series of European long-range tractors.