Undoubtedly, no one to surprise the fact that our market cars of new generation from leading global manufacturers are with a significant temporary lag. Especially those on the models that exhibit in the role of future bestsellers.

The sale of the «future bestseller» of the Czech brand of Crossover Skoda Karoq, which in the markets of European countries is sold since 2017. By the way, he did not even light up in the top 50, and the bestseller is not, unlike the older Skoda Kodiaq (in 2019 it was sold on the old continent of 112 thousand pieces). But it’s not that.

Today, late for three years, the future bestseller of the Czech brand rose to the conveyor of the gas plant in Nizhny Novgorod. Application for popularity in the Russian market is associated with localization of the car in local production facilities. Why did we led this example?

Yes, everything is simple, because in European countries for three years, the second generation of Renault Duster crossover has been sold. The debut of the second generation «Duster» took place three years ago. These cars are released only in Romania under the Dacia brand for the European Union countries, and under the Renault brand for the countries of the Mediterranean and … neighboring Ukraine.

And now the planned change of generations of the crossover has reached South America. Local version under the brand Renault is represented in Brazil. And then a natural question arises: And when will the second generation of Renault Duster be in Russia?

Today, the sale of the French car falls. He greatly loses the current market leader in this Hyundai Creta segment. It is time to update the model not only abandoned, but rather overreared.

As experts say, the release of the updated Duster restrains the debut of another crossover to which a certain Renault Arkana rate is made. All the forces of the Renault Russia division were thrown on the development of production and access to the Russian market of this noverty. Hands before updating Duster did not reach.

Now the new Renault Duster is preparing for the conquest of South America, and the machine intended for this region has its own characteristics. Therefore, we should look closely at him to understand what will be the second generation car.

The model for Brazilian and neighboring markets is the former platform B0. Remember, there is something surprised. When Renault Arkana was displayed, the representatives of the French producer argued that 55% of this platform was reworked. And in this case, Renault reported, compared with the predecessor, the rigidity of the body for twist increased by 12.5%. And here you guess how much the old platform has been reworked to strengthen this most rigidity?

Dimensions of the novelties almost did not change: the length is 4.37 m against 4.3 m at the «first» local duster, the wheelbarrine of 2.67 m. The volume of the trunk is the same as the previous crossover (475 liters). But the stated road clearance is an impressive 237 mm (from the new Dacia Duster, for example, this indicator is 210 mm, but it will be reminded for Europe, there is a greater clearance and not needed).

The Brazilian Renault Duster salon repeats its Romanian analogue, but one serious difference is still there is a media system Easy Link with an eighty-loving screen, familiar to us along our «Arkan».

At the start of sales, the new Duster is offered only with a 1.6 SCE atmospheric, which has acquired a regular start-stop system. It can work both on gasoline and on ethanol common in Brazil (fuel produced from the cane), while the power is 118 and 120 hp respectively. The choice is the five-speed «mechanics» and the variator, but the drive only the front. Accordingly, the rear suspension is a non-alternative «beam».

The two-liter engine, which was the former duster, was resigned. His place closer to the end of the year will take the turbo engine 1.3, like our arcana, and such cars can already be ordered with a full drive.

Well, now all points over I are placed.

We make a logical chain. The first generation of Renault Duster of Russian production is very close to the Brazilian version. All updates from our and Brazilian analogue took place almost synchronously. Therefore, looking at the South American Renault Duster of the second generation, you can imagine what our future crossover will be. Apparently, also with a turbo engine 1.3, and the basic will be the option with a known engine of 1.6 liters. That is, everything is just like Renault Arkana. The current Russian Renault Duster is equipped with 1.6 gasoline engines (114 hp) and 2.0 (143 hp), as well as Diesel 1.5 (109 hp). Boxes — 5-speed MCP, 6-speed MCP or 4-speed ACP (depending on the engine). In this story, it is a pity that the reliable and popular engine 2.0 will go soon in history. It is worth understanding that the economy calculates Renault and leave on the conveyor and produce this motor only for installation on Russian-made cars there is no benefit. It’s a pity.

The second generation of Duster will appear in Russia later. Remember, some time ago, we told you on our channel that the insider reported that in the Renault Group heirs to close the Moscow factory and move production to Togliatti, including the former GM AvtoVAZ plant. We told about it on our channel

Dear readers of our channel. What do you think the second generation of Renault Duster crossover will be popular in that configuration, which is offered on Duster-II in Brazil, including the 1.3 engine?