For quite a long time, the main bestseller of the Russian car market among the cars was performed by Hyundai Solaris. This model has accomplished the revolution, showing that the budget vehicle can be with an attractive appearance and a highlight in design, especially in comparison with the first Renault Logan.

Solaris was first pushed from the Ford Focus-II pedestal and for several years she put on the «yellow shirt» of the leader among foreign cars. But in December 2015, the Hyundai Creta crossover appeared in the model range of the Korean automaker, which made not only the rotation of bestsellers, which threw the sale of Hyundai Solaris to second place, but actually also made a mini revolution. After all, with his appearance, the era of the leadership of folk sedans ended, and the epoch of the leadership of the SUV class car opened.

Therefore, the fate of the most popular crossover in Russia is under the sight of both writing brethren and Russian motorists. Agree, many times read messages in the automotive press, the headlines of which were told that the «Creta killer» comes to the market. How many such «murderers» brought various automakers, and Hyundai Creta did not drop one of them from the pedestal of the most popular SUV in Russia.

And the managing director of Hende Motor CIS Alexey Kaltsev recently reports that the new generation of Hyundai Creta will appear in Russia in mid-2021. Yes, moreover, again, these ubiquitous paparazzi photographed a camouflaged car. Yes, not somewhere, but in St. Petersburg during factory tests.

Recently, our channel reported that about such factory tests of the new

The head of the Russian office Hyundai Alexey Kaltsev noted: «Creta paradox is that the car, without false modesty, is so successful that it is very difficult to come up with that it can be changed in it. We initially launched the product, which in all major positions corresponds to the expectations of our consumers. «

And now about what changes compared to the current version of the Korean car expect. It is noticeable that the exterior is almost identical to Hyundai Creta for the markets of China and India. The model received the same bunk headlamps and lights, as well as wheels, bumper group, hood, wings. The Chinese fellow crossover Hyundai IX25 radically changed the style (in the photo), but the dimensions almost did not change: the length and width increased by 10 mm (up to 4300 and 1790 mm), and the gain in height and is less (1620 or 1635 mm depending on the configuration ). The wheelbase is stretched by 20 mm, up to 2610 mm. At the same time, the Parcatenik noticeably «lost»: the basic version in the curb state has 1150 kg instead of 1277 at the same model. The contribution to the diet introduced benzobac, the volume of which is reduced from 60 to 50 liters. Thus, it is possible to focus on the Chinese and Indian versions of the new generation Creta, but in general Hyundai is still intended to keep intrigue, because the differences will be. What, while the mystery. But this is exactly known.

The new crossover will be built on a modernized platform of the current Creta with elements from modern K2 architecture, on which KIA SELTOS and CEED are designed. The new crossover will inherit from the predecessor atmospheric motors 1.6 and 2.0, which will continue to be combined with a six-speed «mechanics» or «machine».

Since Hyundai Creta Local Assembly, Hyundai Creta will be released to our market, then at the enterprise Hende Motor Manufekchuring Rus will have to prepare for the release of this model. Recently, construction began in St. Petersburg