A few days later, on September 7, a presentation of a new family of cars of the Romanian budget brand Dacia will be held in Europe. Motorists are not only old light, but also the world will be shown by the Logan and Sandero models, they will be thrown off in a solemn atmosphere. The French Renault Group has already created the third generation of these cars. This event in directly affects the domestic auto giant in Tolyatti. And that’s why.

Recall that the current Logan / Sandero family is on the conveyor for eight years. These cars under the Dacia brand began to produce in Romania back in 2012. Two years later, in 2014, their Russian versions with Renault rhombus were seen, who stood on a separate conveyor of AvtoVAZ.

As it was done in the Renault Group, where AvtoVAZ is now included, the new third generation of the most popular car models will appear at the Dacia Romanian brand. The official premiere is scheduled for September 7 of this year, as we have noted above.

Tizers are required to be published in front of the loud premiere. A few days ago, three tizers were first shown, on which Dacia Logan sedan, Dacia Sandero hatchback and its cross-version Dacia Sandero Stepway were hidden under the cover. During the day later, Dacia Sandero optics.

The new European Logan / Sandero family of the third generation will be the modular platform of the Franco-Japanese CMF-B Alliance, on which the Fifth Generation Renault Clio hatchbacks and Nissan Micra are built. However, for Dacia cars, the electronic architecture will be seriously simplified to reduce the cost and final consumption of machines. But the most important change is that new Logan and Sandero will change the image. The rustic and courageous silhouette of the current sedan will remain in the past, but the new four-door will acquire other proportions and will look much more solid, compared to the current models. This is seen from the image of test cars, which more than once came across paparazzi, exterior with a dynamic windows line, more inclined windshield and a lower-nose.

The same metamorphosis is waiting for Sandero hatchback. Since it is one of the most sold in the Romanian automaker on the European market.

Of course, from the fact that the third generation of Romanian cars will move to a new modular platform CMF-B, they will not become an accurate copy of this or analog

The conclusion of a new family in an idea should encourage the Russian motorist, since these cars will definitely appear with some delay. Although for the exact timing of their appearance today, it is unlikely that anyone can vouch today. Indirect certificates have long been represented and divided into the Internet.

Expectedly drawn Intrigue — «Will Renault Group» New Logan / Sandero family, which will be published in perspective in Russia, to a new platform of the CMF-B Alliance Renault-Nissan? Or still «put» new body Logan / Sandero on a proven and somewhat modified platform B0?

It is clear that the Russian versions of the model under the brand Renault not only emerge with a large delay due to the organization of their local production, but they can seriously differ from European cars at least technique, and maybe even design.

The first reason why this will not happen that

Not in vain, we constantly say that the new generation of LADA 4×4 will be built on the DUSTER platform. Like the fact that the next generation Lada Granta will move to a French trolley. And it will be clearly not CMF-B, but something simpler. The evolution of domestic cars with outdated platforms leading their pedigree from the «eights» and «Prior» in the direction of using B0 and its upgraded version of the Global Access on which Renault Arkana and Renault Kaptur produce is quite logical.

But here is the most interesting.

The probability of such a development of events is available. Recall how a few years ago, the body of Nissan Bluebird Sylfi was planted on the platform B0 and turned out to be a Nissan Almera car. But today, such a phint is unlikely to be repeated.

After all, the popularity of the new family of one of the leaders of the Russian market, which loses Param — Hyundai Solaris / Kia Rio and Volkswagen Polo / Skoda Rapid. Apparently, the above-mentioned version of the development of events should not happen. And indirect confirmation of this is the appearance of the name of the CMF platform in the office work of AvtoVAZ.

Recall that recently at the beginning of the summer the automotive community made a message that a message was taken to preparing the production of models on the new platform of the French-Japanese Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS. An indirect proof was given, they say, on the company’s corporate procurement site, the company’s selection of transformer substation for the task of production of cars on the CMF-B-LS platform was announced. Also in this «chain» is embedded in the fact that the Togliatti company «Steering Systems» (AvtoVAZ supplier) received a preferential loan from the Industry Development Fund in the amount of 192 million rubles for the implementation of a project for the production of a rush steering mechanism for cars on the Renault-Nissan CMF platform -B-Ls. What is hiding behind this abbreviation? CMF-B-LS is a modification of the new Renault-Nissan platform CMF-B adapted to the markets of developing countries, the LS prefix means Low Specifications, that is, a simplified version. So we will wait for the new Renault Logan and Sandero in the simplified specification, but in the new body.

And today, by the end of the year, the most relevant novelty Renault in Russia will be placed on the conveyor and the beginning of the sale of the second generation of the long-expected DUSTER crossover.

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