New leader Renault called priorities

The head of the French automaker was the new top manager Luka de Meo. And he, it turns out, there is a look at the further ways of the company’s development, which is also known to be the Romanian brand Dacia and our AvtoVAZ.

The appointment of a new chief happened in winter, but he only joined the position of July 1. As usual, it did not cost without loud statements. But first, in the asset of this manager. It is noteworthy that his career in the center of Luka de Meo began in Renault. After that, he switched to the European division of the Toyota company, then worked at the Fiat concern, and in 2009 he was lured by the Volkswagen Group concern, where De Meo in turn worked with Volkswagen, Audi and Seat brands. Thus, he is not new to European auto business. And now about his vision of Renault, including in the light of that strategy that was made public at the very end of May.

In his opinion, Renault should focus on those segments in which you can earn.

In the French automaker over the past years, a dangerous contrsion was formed in the European market. B.

Luka de Meo believes that it is necessary to reorienate as quickly as possible to more profitable and sustainable segments of the car market and invest in the growing classes of cars and with a higher margin. In particular, de Meo means

What exactly exactly that means it is not clear. The fact is that the previous management of the automaker did not make a bet on the main model

Recall that today the leader of the French automaker in Europe

Also big expectations of the new chef binds to the successor

On the contrary, large models, such as the Renault Talisman model or

Good news is that Luka de Meo wants to continue