A tangible reduction in the actually disposable income of the car owners is quite natural forces them more and more save on servicing personal cars. As a result, many are not very urgent — work is transferred, some are even refused to an indefinite time, the regulatory is performed selectively and late, and the industry as a whole and specific enterprises are separately inconsparable. Is it possible to do something with such a situation, or it remains to come with it, take it as a fact that it is impossible to fight? The experience of European and American colleagues suggests one rather interesting decision.

Do not be a corner for …

The decision that will be discussed, as you probably can guess, is not created because European car owners are experiencing similar financial difficulties. Not at all: in the field of finance, the European market after-sales service of autothechnics is sufficiently well-being. And in many ways, it is precisely this well-being, which is predisposing, even improving the regulation of customers with car services and their stabilization, and served as the motive of the development of new mechanisms.

In different countries, it is called differently: somewhere «Repair subscription», somewhere «repair plan with fixed payments», etc. They differ in some nuances of implementation, its technical moments and the form of the offer, but the essence of them For the most part overall. And it is that the client of the repair organization (the car owner) can protect itself from unforeseen expenses for repairs, through a free, simple and flexible method of drawing up (formation) of the required budget for the regulatory, planning and preventive service and the current repair of the car.

The car must be good!

Experienced managers of a hundred in the West reasoned sensible — they perfectly understand that the service of the car (and even more so when several cars in the family) costs non-sash. Therefore, the car owner always wants to have the possibility of planning costs for regularly, and often even have a small supply to the «Black Day» as a certain fund for unexpected expenses caused by unforeseen breakdowns.

Even a relevant study was conducted: goocompare.com found that 15% of British motorists regularly postpone repair / service, because for one reason or another can not afford to pay for him on time. The survey also showed that 37% of motorists drive up to 500 additional miles before going to regulatory. And almost 20% traveled on their car with burning signal / control lamps on the instrument panel, without being able due to the lack of finance to contact the service.

In Russia, no one has conducted such research, but it is hardly worth doubting that the figures would have been much higher (provided, of course, honest research), when even in a much more prosperous and rich in the UK, people experience certain financial difficulties. After all, it is often not even in a banal monetary deficit. Natural man herself — she is the same everywhere: while roasted roaster does not nice, while the thunder is not born …

That is, while the car is on the go, and does not cause problems, few people think about breakdowns, that after how many thousands of mileage kilometers should be sent to a hundred to at least change the oil and filters. And the truth, why now score your head all these duties — the time is suitable, then we think about it. But time is suitable, but there is no money …

And Russian motorists with finance are now in principle in principle. You have to cut and repain the family budget, so that it is bad to secure yourself the most vital, and there is probably a car, probably can wait … or can not? The answer is simple — she should not wait! Because the car is not just a convenience of movement, it is also a technical means of increased danger, which by definition should be complete.

Of course, these are general economic problems, and the car service will not be able to solve such problems of your client with all the desire, but to suggest a way out, to propose an effective way to plan costs for car service — easily.

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