«New Outside former inside,» the principle is increasingly guided by automakers who bring updated cars to our Russian market. And this applies to the new Lada Niva, or ex-Chevrolet Niva with a new Lady signboard. Lovers of domestic cars with greed catch any information that seeps into the network. And we have something to delight them.

Recall that at the very end of 2019, the domestic automaker AvtoVAZ bought the share of the American partner in a joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ, which has already been engaged in more than one and a half dozen years of the release of the Chevrolet Niva SUV.

At the same time, the changes were announced to be carried out with the car. And now you can open the veil.

The Source of the Ladaonline portal said, what changes will undergo an SUV, who changed the Golden Cross on the Ladus. Now in Togliatti leads work on the modernization of the budget car. It is clear that modernization, it says loudly. The power frame of the car will remain the same — the engine is 1.7 liters, which develops 80 hp It is not going to rest. Although it is possible that the experiments on the oligation of the technical part can be carried out, because the car is produced since 2003, and during this time there are still new power units, and boxes in AvtoVAZ. But still, let’s look at the information that has become available thanks to the Officer of NTC AvtoVAZ.

According to the source, the updated «Niva» will receive not only a new nameplate and a somewhat modified radiator grille. In fact, the car rewines the entire front part of the body.

Here is a more detailed description of the changes. Today he witnessed the body download of an updated «Niva» for transportation to the assembly, the front will be in the «ICS» style, the rest without much changes: it is possible that the body kit changed a little, judging by the bores in body panels.

As we recently told on our channel, a new X-style is performed to

Our colleagues from the portal kolesa.ru armed with computer programs presented how the exterior can change, or rather the front part of the SUV body. That’s what they did. Stylish, right?