The return of the German brand Opel to Russia did not bring any noticeable interest in her domestic motorists. All of them agreed only in one — the price tag on the crossover Opel Grandland X, which went to the Russian market, was too high.

The press flashed the message that the start of sales of cars with lightning on the radiator coincided with the unfavorable period of the cowidocrisis. But Likha trouble began.

We are still interested in when the ban of American auto giant General Motors will be removed, which made the popular German brand in the French automaker PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) will be removed. After all, because of this, the large-scale invasion of the popular German brand in Russia is impossible.

Let’s start with the flagship of the German brand of the car

But such a decision is no longer interested in the American concern. And if Opel Insignia was upgraded this year, the conveyor life of his «brothers» Buick Regal and Holden Commodore in Rüsselsheim ends. The fact is that the brand Holden ceases to exist in Australia. This local brand GM goes down.

But Buick Regal leaves due to the decline in the interest of Americans to the middle class cars. But in the Chinese market, the release of Buick Regal will continue. GM will also export this car for the Middle East countries in partnership with the SAIC Chinese automaker. Chinese Buick Regal, as well as Opel Insignia, this year subjected to facelifting.

But for us the saddest thing that this facelifting does not give the right PSA to bring the model to the Russian car market. There are still American technologies in this car.

The first will be the following generation compact