The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi development strategy was secured by the Russian car market for the French group. Today, the contours of the further work of these three brands in the Russian Federation are disclosed and outlined. Our channel found out in which direction these automakers will work and what new items can be expected in the near future.

While the Japanese automaker Nissan presented the most profound strategy of work in our market. Briefly, it is as follows.

As Nissan’s office noted in the Russian Federation, the company focuses on updating the models in the B-SUV, C-SUV and D-SUV segments. Since we carefully looked at the roller, you can say that we are talking about the models of Kiks, Qashqai, X-Trail, Murano (or replacement). We are talking both about the withdrawal of new models and about restyling the current versions. All machines presented in the Russian market will be equipped with Propilot electronic helpers with multimedia systems with access to branded online services. In addition, the representative office of the brand in the Russian Federation officially confirmed that a new electric car may appear in Russia.

No sedans and hatchbacks speech in the announcement are not. With a high probability it can be argued that in Russia the emphasis will be made

But here few of the domestic commentators noticed such a passage. In Latin America, the B-Product platform will be rationalized, evolving from four options to only one for Renault and Nissan products. This platform will be made at two factories: Renault and Nissan.

In other words, in the markets of Latin American countries today, compact cars of two brands are produced on different platforms. For example, in Brazil, Nissan Kicks is produced on platform V, and another Renault Duster crossover on a modernized platform B0. In the process of optimization, all manufactured models at the Renault-Nissan Alliance Enterprises will move to one platform. Does such optimization in Russia affect the model range of Nissan and Renault?

Today, Nissan cars in the Russian Federation are produced on modern and new alliance platforms. But Renault cars on the «Loganovskaya» truck B0, although it is significantly upgraded with the latest models of Arkana and Kaptur. And here the interesting question arises: is the unification between localized cars relating to two marks of the Alliance? We did not find a direct response to this question. But share a number of considerations.

Yet for the Russian market, Renault Groupe is replied. The leaders of this company will conduct production and market processes in the Russian Federation, as well as to determine the model policy of the domestic manufacturer of AvtoVAZ. Such an approach resembles the distribution of roles in the Volkswagen group, where the Russian market is responsible for Czech Skoda and it is the right and priority in determining the policies of the German concern in Russia.

For the miser rows of press releases, Renault Groupe has the following picture. First, development

But relative to Russia, not so much is said here. Namely, in the original: «Study of the Adaptation of the Group’s Production Capacities in Russia», which means —

Note that after the start of production of the new model Renault Arkana and the updated Renault Kaptur in Moscow, the following model, which should appear in Russia —

This car is already known in Europe (issued

When the generations of the Passenger Renault Line will occur, no one calls deadlines. Apparently, after updating the SUV gamma.