Curability over the Russian car market in the voiced strategy of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance left behind the French automaker. It includes not only the French brand, but also the Romanian brand Dacia and the domestic Lada. Therefore, the changes that occur in the neighboring market, in the future, will affect us, Russian motorists. What is new there going? And how will this affect the concern policy in Russia?

Everything says that

If we talk about the Russian market, then the coming update of the Romanian flagships and the transition to a new platform, in the end, will update the model line of the car Renault brand produced in Russia. This is evidenced by various plums from insiders in AvtoVAZ, which indicate that it is prepared for the deployment of car production on the CMF-B-LS platform, on which the updated Logan / Sandero family debuts.

As you know, the Logan / Sandero family on the European market is sold as Romanian Dacia. Recently, the official dealers of the Romanian brand working in the markets of European countries received a notice that the release of a practical family stationary Dacia Logan MCV with a five-year warranty will soon be terminated. At the same time, this model will not be a successor in the new generation.

And since in August in European countries, as you know, a corporate vacation is traditionally declared, then after it the production of universal will not resume. Thus, gradually, models are gradually from the line in order to free the place for the next third generation cars.

But let’s say a few words about Logan wagons. In Russia, this model of the Logan MCV station is not represented.

In the Russian model range, Renault Logan version in the body station wagon has never been considered. This applies to both the first and current second generation. Lada Largus is presented as a wagon in the Russian market. This model is from the first generation Dacia Logan family. Now AvtoVAZ has prepared a facelifting version of the Largus car.

As for the Dacia Logan MCV wagon, then this car is a competitor in the European markets to another Universal Skoda Fabia, which is also not submitted to the Russian Federation. In Russia, as is known, this Czech model was removed from the model line for the popularity of Rapid liftback. In turn, the Universal on the basis of Skoda Rapid never was previously developed.

What is the secret of this spacel space? Recently, one of the leaders of Renault Group Nicolas Mor (ex-head of AvtoVAZ), responsible in the group for the Eurasian geographical region opened the reason: «Renault did not have plans to bring the Renault / Dacia Logan MCV universal to the market. At the moment, this model is available in Western and Eastern Europe and in Ukraine. If you like universal, there is Lada Vesta SW. » That is, the French are spent on the Russian Federation an derived policy. In the segment of universal — a time-tested model of the first generation with some improvements and domestic development of Lada. That’s right, with a loan for the solvency of the Russian population.

But back to the west. And what will in the new third generation will replace the outgoing wagon Logan MCV? There is information that

This may contribute to an increase in the competitiveness of the automaker on the global market. The novelty will be released under the Dacia brand. The seven-party crossover, which will replace the universal, will receive its own style (see the photo of the sketch). The length of the model will be approximately 4.5 meters. The car will form the CMF-B trolley of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The list of power units will enter the E-Tech hybrid with a capacity of 140 liters. with. Gasoline engines 1.0 and 1.3 Tce and diesel 1.5 Blue DCI will also be available. Sales of new items should begin in Europe in 2021. The cost of the car for the Euroraka will be small, in the region of 14 thousand euros. Will this new product come to Russia? Do not answer.

And about the model range. Arkana can come to Europe soon. But not from our Moscow plant «Renault Russia». The French group plans to withdraw the Renault Samsung XM3 model, in a specially recycled European version. From the Russian Arcana in this car only a similar body. The French want to strengthen in the SUV-C segment. Although Renault Kadjar is represented there, but the stylish cross with a body coupe clearly adds popularity.

What will be different from the Russian version of Arkana? If our product is built on the unbound trolley of the Global Access, leading the pedigree from the platform B0, then the EuroCana is built on the technical basis of CMF-B on which Renault Captur is created. We will not mention a huge number of other differences. This is actually another car. When this novelty does not get for Europe, it is not yet clear. In any case, Arkana in Europe looks nontrivial. And that it will appear in Europe doubt can not.