The mass vehicle production has begun Volkswagen ID.4.

The German automaker announced the start of the serial production of the new model of the Volkswagen ID of the Volkswagen ID.4 on the MEB platform. But the paradox is that this electric vehicle is still not officially represented by the German concern.

Two months ago, photographs of these cars for the Chinese market were presented in the press, which will be released at FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen in PRC plants.

In Germany, the manufacture of the electric car was established at the plant in the town of Zwickau, at that very factory, where the famous plastic cars from GDR «Trabant» once produced.

The assembly of the electroarcher ID.4 is carried out in parallel with the Noblatform Electric Hatchback ID.3. The first time from the conveyor will be the basic versions with one electric motor on the rear axle, a little later, more powerful all-wheel drive modifications will join them.

Also in the near future, the launch of the serial production of the «Four» at the factory in the American city of Chattanuga, in Tennessee. The following year, the release of ID-models will be adjusted in Dresden (in the famous «glass manufactory»), and then assembly starts at other German enterprises in Emden and Hannover. The official premiere of the Volkswagen ID Series Electric Parcatcher will be held at the end of September.

The largest car concern of Europe, organizing the production of electrocars on several of its sites, tries to consolidate in the promising class of the car market, and not only in Europe.

In Russia, the German concern in the face of the subsidiary of the Skoda brand is preparing for the start of the new generation of the next generation of Skoda Octavia car.

Last month

According to the Spec (SpecialContrak), signed with the Profile Department of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the German concern pledged to invest in Russian projects a round sum of 61.8 billion rubles. So far nothing is heard of the expansion of motor production. Recall, in the coming years, Volkswagen planned to organize the production of turbo-tractors 1.4 TSI in Kaluga, for which the power of the plant should be increased from 150 to 300 thousand engines per year. Now these turbocards supply the concern from Europe to Russian automobile plants from Europe, but in the EU itself from the 1.4 TSI motor almost refused (it changed a more complex unit 1.5 TSI), so the Russian plant can become the main center for the production of these engines.