The irrational love of motorists of different countries to the compartment cars became a world trend. In the model ranges of most automakers, such cars began to appear. Began a unlawful competition — catch the wave. In principle, this approach is not new. After all, if we recall the model ranks of automakers of 15 years ago, most of them did not have crossovers. And today in the SUV class, closely from their suggestions.

Surely, the trend will develop on such a similar scheme


She took place in Brazil. And it is tied to the fact that the new model of the German brand was developed by the Brazilian division of the company, and it is this country that will receive a novelty of the first. Later sales will begin in Argentina, Mexico, and next year and in Europe.

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And now some details about the new Volkswagen. Brazilian designers have developed a car on the German MQB-A0 modular platform, which relates it to the European POLO and T-Cross models. The company claims that this is the first model of fully Brazilian development, although the Brazilian technical center has already participated in the creation of many cars. For example, a VW Virtus sedan, which replaced VW Polo.

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Apparently, this is an application for the fact that the model can become global. After all, if the four-door VW Virtus beyond the limits of South America will not be sold, then the merchant NIVUS conductor will subsequently become conquer the markets of other continents.

The MQB-A0 platform involves the front McPherson rack and the rear semi-dependent suspension, but eliminates the use of the full drive. As stated, the road clearance of the Nivus is only 10 mm more than that of Polo, and that is mainly due to higher tires. The top version will be tires dimension 205/55 R17. Standard equipment — electronic imitation of the blocking of XDS differential and disc brakes «in a circle».

Nivus enabarits are close to Hyundai Creta, but there is a feature. Parket length of 4266 mm, but the height is only 1493 mm. He is close to ordinary car. From the equipment, we note the ten-wing screen of the virtual dashboard, adaptive cruise control and rear view camera. Six airbags are already «in the database». The volume of the trunk is 415 liters.

The power unit VW Nivus is a 1.0-liter «turbo-» TSI, which (traditionally for Brazil) can work both on gasoline and ethanol. The same motor at VW Polo and VW T-Cross. On gasoline, the return of the engine is 116 hp, on Ethanol — 128 hp The gearbox is also one — a six-speed «automatic» (although relatives with the same engine have both versions with «mechanics»).

To Europe, the car will get the next year, there are no more accurate terms yet. And on the Ravy of the Old World will sell