The popular Sedana Volkswagen Polo in Russia turned 10 years old. It began to produce in May 2010 at the Volkswagen Group plant in Kaluga, 170 km from Moscow. Today, the account of these cars has passed the half-million mark.

But what is noteworthy, if such a classmate as Hyundai Solaris showed that the people’s foreign car can be beautiful, and the designers are applied to her creation, then at the end of the decade, it is somehow difficult to formulate, and what a chip from a German car.

Volkswagen Polo in Russia is not a top-end bestseller, its popularity has never been raised above the fifth place in the overall standings. Only in Moscow, he periodically went to the pedestal of the regional car market. Today in the size class B + ahead of only Lada Granta, Lada Vesta, Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris.

The only chip that can still be mentioned: And today, ten years after the debut, this car does not look outdated. Some eternal design of the car. But still it has come to update the current version of the car. In the spring, the updated car will put on the conveyor, and in the summer it will appear from official dealers.

Of course, it should be recognized that the update on the Russian market is somewhat late. In other markets, Volkswagen spent a wave of updates model POLO three years ago. Moreover, it is characteristic, cars were translated into a new modular platform MQB-A0. On this cart, now the European Hatchback VW Polo, as well as the Brazilian four-door car with the new name VW Virtus. The new Polo hatchback in Brazil is also sold, like the younger GOL and a very small VW Up.

Nevertheless, why did VW Polo moved to a new platform in Russia?

But our channel has already written and noted that the Czech concern Skoda has been responsible for the entire Volkswagen concern in Russia, and, as you know, the Czechs decided only to update their five-year Skoda Rapid. Therefore, if the younger version of MQB-A0 was transferred to the new Rapid, then the Russian «Virta» would have a real chance to become our VW Polo.

Therefore, Polo was developed in parallel with restyled Skoda Rapid and with maximum unification. And the first «victim» on this track was the type of body. The new VW Polo is also with a body of a liftback type. This means that the lid of the trunk opens with the rear glass, forming a huge luggage compartment. And if in addition to fold the seats of the second row, which form a noticeable step, then the elefbeck for the convenience of transporting goods will be headed above the sedan.

And here the very serious intrigue with the new VW Polo unfolds. Does it make sense to replace the sedan on Liftbek, given our Russian sedanophilia? Sales statistics indicate that Rapid Liftbek in the Russian market is less popular sedan: about 33.5 thousand elefbecks and 54.4 polo sedans were sold. We still do not solve this issue now, it is worth waiting for specific numbers. And immediately everything will become clear.

Let’s go back to the novelty. The base of the renewed car rose and is 2602 mm against 2553 mm at the current sedan. The car was 93 mm longer, 7 mm wider and 17 mm above its predecessor-sedan, the trunk volume rose by 90 liters. But the most interesting thing, the new VW Polo actually «cross-board» road clearance, which is 170 mm.

The interior of the architecturally is the same as the restyled Skoda Rapid: the layout of the front panel and the central console is the same, although the design is somewhat different. In the list of options, the engine start button and an invisible access system, the rear view camera is hidden under the emblem. And the «Winter Package» now includes heating not only the front seats, side mirrors, windshield and glasswater nozzles, but also the steering wheel with the rear sofa.

Devices on available versions are ordinary, arrogant, and for Polo Exclusive, a virtual combination of Active Info Display is proposed, which can be configured at the discretion of the driver. Alas, modern active safety systems are not offered.

Under the hood everything will be still, and it is rather plus. The fact is that the release in Kaluga at the motorized plant of localized gasoline atmospheric atmospheric influences also on the price tag of the car and on reports in the Ministry of Industry to the localization of models. The EA211 engine in a 90-strong version is available only in combination with a five-speed «mechanics», and forced to 110 hp. Motor is also aggregated with a classic six-speed «machine». There is a third engine unlocked in the Russian Federation, this is a 125-strong turbo engine 1.4 TSI, it is also familiar and as before, works in a pair with a seven-step «robot» DSG.