According to the automotive Internet portal «Avtovzzvondud», his own sources in Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant passed the information that it was decided to refuse to create a future crossover, the project of which was not otherwise called «Russian Prado». As a substantiation of the reasons for the closure of the project, a banal lack of finance is indicated.


The reason for such a decision of Shevtsov, the portal calls a banal lack of financial resources for the project implementation. It was planned that the car, which was first spoken for another six years ago, will require no more than three years to run into mass production at the Ulyanovsky factory. However, in the planned time, even at all wishes, the company does not meet, as not to draw additional investments. Therefore, the Sollers Director-General Vadim Shvetsov decided to put a cross on a future novelty, reorienting the possibility of the plant to develop other projects.

In the press last year, reports also penetrated that last year for some time work on the project was frozen indefinitely. So, it turns out if the sources of the portal own accurate information, then this is not the first stop. Then, at the official request in the press service of UAZ, her representatives of the portal «Avtovzallov» answered ambiguously: «Project work 3170 frozen, but not discontinued.» Today it is also worth waiting for official confirmation of information.

Recall that this project could be a breakthrough for the Sollers group. According to the project, the length of the UAZ-3170 should have been 4,600 mm, width — 1930 mm, height -1770 mm, wheelbase — 2850 mm, and the road clearance is 200 mm. That is, in theory, «Russian Prado» had to break into the most

Recall that the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant of the Sollers group assumed certain obligations on a special confcturation (SPIK). In the registry of spikes published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, it is indicated that

According to the data of the European Business Association, UAZ takes 10 line in terms of car sales for 5 months. 2020, none of the UAZ model also included the list of the top 25 most popular RF cars.