It is announced that the domestic brand Lada will leave the European market. Automotive editions of the old continent presented it with headlines in various variations, something like «end of Lada Niva in Europe?», Accompanied by this description that the last party LADA 4×4 arrived in Germany in March and other parties does not expect a distributor.

Also, a few more instances of Lada Vesta remained at the Lada Automobile GmbH Deutschland distributor in the warehouse in standard settings. The question remains how long Western European markets will enjoy it. Foreign journalists regret that

One of many speculations on why Lada Niva will come out of Western European markets, is competition with

However, the case is not at all in the inner canniballation inside the Alliance, when one car «bites off» part of the clientele from another, the matter in

Our channel analyzed the situation and we made the following conclusions. The fact is that AvtoVAZ today, which is part of the RENAULT GROUP structure, performs and solves the tasks in the domestic market of the Russian Federation. And the expansion of the brand should be aimed at markets in the CIS countries, Latin America, Mongolia and the Middle East. It is noteworthy that environmental standards are somewhat lower than in the European Union, Japan and the United States, that is, in developed markets.

As part of the Renault Group on the European market, the role of budget vehicles successfully performs

As you know, today, cars produced in the Russian Federation must comply with Euro-5 standards. However, in the accepted strategy for the development of the Russian Federation until 2025, there is

We have already been told on our channel that in Kama me, we have experienced design work on domestic

The largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ also works on this topic. In April, according to the order of the head of AvtoVAZ IVA Karakatzanis, two new project design work was started at once with the designation engines —

It can be assumed that one of the stated projects is intended to adapt to our conditions and preparation of production.

Engine is economical, for example, in the Romanian version

Of course, existing engines VAZ-21127/21129, VAZ-21179, etc. Heavy aluminum engines, but at the same time cheaper. However, they are less energy efficient. With their volume of 1.6-1.8 liters remove less power. But for mass models, high power is excessive. So what will be the proposals

And maybe it’s time for us to get used to the idea that the turbine three-cylinder motors 1.0 TSE will soon appear in the LADA motor compartments. This engine is installed on the new CLIO Hatchbacks and the European Captur crossover of new generations. The engine is produced in Romanian Pitesti (DACIA) and differs in the use of plasma spraying technology on the walls of cylinders, a turbocharger with an electrocattor, optimized cooling channels and an exhaust manifold in the block head. Retreat — 100 hp and 160 nm.

In general, while there are no answers. But the fact that in the designed aggregates will be the opportunity to adapt to more rigid environmental requirements — is not subject to any doubt.