Under threat of sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance of the Gorky Automobile Plant, which is part of the GAZ Group, despite the difficulties of the current period with confidence looks to the future and is preparing new models for commercial carriers. About these updates our story.

«From each crisis, you need to go with a new product,» President Mail.Ru president of Gas Vadim Sorokin departed in an interview with the car portal Mail.Ru.

The Gorky Automotive Plant, as the GAZ head enterprise, is located on the edge of the political and economic agenda of the automotive industry of the Russian Federation. Our channel also told that the US Department of Finance postponed until July 22 of the current year

But, despite this, work on gas to prepare the production of new models does not stop for any day. What is preparing for carriers of the country?

Already in May, the GAZ will launch a new bus «Gazelle City» for city carriers, designed for 22 passengers (our channel revealed the details

Gazelle City has a gas-A68R52 factory code. This is a frame bus, like a NEXT Gazelle, but

The second novelty, which Vadim Sorokin told, a bad-minded medium-room car, which, as the head of the Gas leader hopes, will bring to the market until the end of summer, «Valdai Next» with a complete mass of 6.7 tons. In the future — the bridge of mass to 7.4 tons. The novelty will be unobed with the aggregate platform, which was at the Valdai car.

At the same time, the design, of course, will be more perfect: with an economical engine, its own six-speed gearbox, a new steering system.

Well, the main novelty, the gas continues to work — this is

Planned different types

Additional difficulties create and sanctions, and the fact that many suppliers are on quarantine. Sorokin also noted that the money that gas earns remain in the country and go to the creation of new products, the development of engineering competences of the Russian design school, the development of component manufacturing. «It’s amazing, but all that we do, we are doing alone, in the absence of due attention to our industry officials to the fate of a unique enterprise,» the head of the GAZ Group added.