At the Mias Auto Plant «Ural» in the Chelyabi region, there is a preparation for the serial production of a new domestic bad dump truck. He literally bursts into a niche, which today is occupied by the most popular construction dump trucks of the Kama Automobile Plant — 65115.

Today around AZ Ural a lot of different information. For the most part, it ranks the change of the owner of the enterprise. Recall that until recently, the enterprise, known since Soviet times and specializing in the production of all-wheel drive trucks, was part of the Group of gas Oleg Deripaska. But since 2018, when the Russian businessman fell into the sanctions list of the US Department of Finance, he did not heal anything good, negotiations were launched on its sale «United Engineering Group» (OMG), the owner of which is Dmitry Strezhnev — longtime partner Deripaska. Recently, the transaction for the acquisition of the Gas Automobile Gas «Ural» was closed. Omg, also received a share in the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which engines of which are equipped with trucks and all-terrain vessels «Ural». In addition, OMG has departed other non-core assets. In other words, the Avtozavod, which has defense significance, has increased from under sanctions. These are all political motives. And we are still interested in the prospects for the model line AZ Ural.

And the first in a number of new products is a bad construction dump truck. The Ural Auto Plant has long been ripe for the release of such a truck. A preliminary acquaintance with this car took place in the fall at the exhibition of Commercial Automotive Technology ComTrans-2019, held in Moscow.

But then the exhibitor is not strongly readily talked about the novelty. Thought experts who worked near the exhibition sample left direct answers to the questions supplied by us and other visitors.

Recall that the sign near the dump truck was conquered by some figures of the technical and performance characteristics of the Ural novelties. For example, the total weight of the car is 27.5 tons, and the lifting capacity is 16,150 kg. The numbers of the KAMAZ-65115 construction dump truck, which have similar indicators as follows immediately, immediately pop up. Full weight of 25,200 kg, and loading capacity of 15,000 kg. Virtually five minutes a competitor’s most popular dump truck.

It was also pointed out that the novelty would be the power plant of the YAMZ-536, developing 328 hp, at which the 9-speed mechanical box ZF 9S1515TO will operate.

On Kamaja, as you know, the engine production engine «Cminim-Kama» Cummins ISB6.7 E5 300 (Euro-5) is installed.

In addition, we estimated that a baking blind cabin reminds Iveco Turbotech, which ended the life cycle in the 90s of the last century. Since the doors were closed tightly, and a black film was pasted on a glass, to make sure that, alas, but did not work out. But if you compare with an orange cabin of KAMAZ, which is already half a century, but which is still updated, for sure, they are equal.

But today there are still some details about the Ural construction dump truck (6×4). They are small but interesting. It turns out that the chassis install Chinese bridges from the Hande Axle, the fuel tank with a capacity of 350 liters, the brake system WABCO. And the cabin will have a sleeping place.

Here are the news from the Urals. Yes, and by the way, the preliminary cost was announced — from 4.3 million rubles. But it was before the collapse of the ruble, so adjustments are inevitable. It is a pity that the crisis is ahead, and it, as usual in Russia, hesitantly hits the construction industry. And entering the market during this period of a new dump truck is a big risk. Recall that the post-block crisis, where also similarly collapsed the ruble was practically washed from our market Chinese dump trucks. More than Shaanxi (Shacman) positions more or less.