In the conditions of devaluation and subsequent growing prices for cars, buyers, scientific experience of the end of 2014, 2015, in the past March 2020, as soon as the ruble asked against the dollar, they immediately rushed into car dealerships, for reliable cash investment.

A splash of sales of new cars in March has already entered the country’s automotive history. We will return to his analysis. When our channel carefully studied statistics, we found one interesting point regarding the vehicles of size

In general, cars of this class in March 2020, in comparison with the term of the year, previously registered by a third (+ 34.2%) more than a year earlier.

Yes, the popularity of these models in Russian motorists was at the height. In general, the share of this class of cars accounted for almost a third of sales from car dealerships.

Today on the market for used cars of those years are in the top of the resale. But why did they pass on the market for new cars?

The reasons for such negative dynamics are well known. The offensive on this class was conducted on both sides. On the one hand, there were cars of the size class B +. So-called folk foreign cars. They grew up in size and actually came to the C-class. Compare, the first Ford Focus in the body of the sedan had dimensions 4362x1698x1430 mm. But the first generation of Solaris, respectively, 4370x1700x1470. Did you see the difference? But Hyundai is cheaper. But the second front on the «murder» of the veneer class C was opened from the sides of crossovers.

Today, the role in the car market of measuring class C is characterized by a number of 4.3%. (About the structure of the Russian car market, our channel wrote

And in the past margin, there are only 6,099 pieces. Czech class leader

It is noteworthy that we did not have a lot of class cars with either Japanese brands (Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3), nor European (Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz CLA). Even the co-owners of popular Koreans Kia — Hyundai I30 hatchback and Hyundai Elantra sedan do not find high demand here. Like the Chinese who, with the go, could not take our market (Lifan Solano and Geely Emgrand7).

At such a sad note, we will not finish. Still, a class C is not written off and keeps on two pillars of the domestic market — Skoda and Kia. And the Volkswagen Jetta from Mexico will soon be brought to us. And about the features of the class C we considered