Russian information space very often shakes unreliable rumors. At first glance, they have some kind of rationale, but, as a rule, nobody comprehensive them critically. Our channel disassembled two of them.

Recently, on the World Wide Web, the information that soon Gorky Automobile Plant (Gas) will begin

In our edition, we immediately concluded — this is a fake. We give arguments that unequivocally testify against this chamber.

First, group gas today in very

Secondly, Skoda AUTO has a contract assembly of three models on gas capacity —

And, in the fourth, a few years ago, Volkswagen bought patents to a number of Russian (Soviet) car brands and there is no Volga brand among them. And there is a «Aleco» brand, fixed in Rospatent. Recall, the Moscow plant AZLK produced Muscovites models 2141 under this brand. That is, if you bring all the arguments of one point, we will get that there is no reason for the release of such a car on gas capacity. Therefore, we regarded this news information as an unreliable.

And here’s another similar information that was at verification is also unreliable. Someone from the windows of the auto center in Tolyatti photographed in the yard of the Scientific and Technical Center AvtoVAZ two cars Renault Clio last generation (see photo). And immediately in one moment of an eye, a message was scattered over the Internet, which even solid car media picked up, for example, «driving.» This information was that in Togliatti in AvtoVAZ began

First. According to AA Autostat, in general, in the automotive market of the Russian Federation for 10 past years, the demand for cars in the body of the hatchback decreased from 25% in the structure of new passenger cars to 11%. Especially,

Or another very indicative example. Hyundai Solaris hatchbacks were in 2013-2014 to one quarter from the sales of «Solaris» produced at Hönde’s factory in St. Petersburg. But in 2015 they were removed from production. On the same conveyor began to produce the Hyundai Creta crossover, which became the best-selling class SUV. And the other Korean automaker KIA at the same plant stopped the release of the usual Kia Rio hatchback and launched a hatchback with a slightly enlarged RIO X-LINE road lumen. Extremely indicative examples to which Renault Group will be navigable.

Why do Renault get involved in the complex production process of launching the production of hatchback, if he is a priori will not be in demand or demand will be meager?


Another version we discussed, and the results also carried out a negative verdict is that