For four years now, the leader of foreign cars in Russia is the Kia Rio car. And in order to support this Renome, it is necessary as a clock to change something in the car. That is, to carry out facelifting, or face tightening.

And the Korean autoconecern Hyundai-Kia acts strictly according to the algorithm: followed by the updated Hyundai Solaris followed by the renewed relationship of the Kia Rio single-platform model.

The first images of the sedan for the Russian market have already been made public. And it is worth noting that the Russian Rio has not changed its name on alphanumeric, as it is now started in Kia. In China, for example, this car goes under the KIA K2 index. Moreover, the Facelifting analogue is not yet presented, but the current version of Kia Rio / K2 debuted earlier than the Russian four-year in 2016.

So far, only the Moscow office of Kia was able to tell us about the new design of the popular car. If you remember the recent history, then the KIA car sign is the form of a «smile tiger» radiator, which the main designer came up with, and subsequently the head of the Korean brand German Peter Schreyer. Today’s debut car has become more aggressive, (Tiger is now not smiling with a torsion smile, as in the current model), but it gives some squeezing.

The design of the updated Rio has developed the vice-president of the Kia Design China division of Oleg Son in collaboration with the Russian office of the company. And at first glance, there are more external changes in Rio than that of the updated Solaris. The design and form of bumpers changed (thanks to this, the length of the car increased by 20 mm), there were new headlights with LED blades of running lights, and the grille was larger and visually combined with the headlight blocks.

On the stern — the unusual pipes of the exhaust system in the form of a trapezoid (although the acting only one of them), other lights on the LEDs, as well as imitation of the diffuser in the bumper. Instead of an antenna-pin on the roof now there is a «shark fins», which is painted black, regardless of the body color. Changed wheel design (15 or 16 inches).

Power units will remain like that of Solaris: these are atmospheric 1.4 MPI (100 hp) and 1.6 MPI (123 hp), six-speed «mechanics» and «automatic».

Today’s model Kia Rio for the fourth year in a row holds the title of the most popular foreign car in our country.

But now interesting statistics. It turns out that 83% of all Kia Rio sold is equipped with a 1,6-liter engine with a capacity of 123 hp. And only every sixth buyer (17%) chooses a car with a less powerful motor volume of 1.4 liters (100 hp).

Also, the overwhelming number of buyers (79%) is accounted for those who acquired a two-seated version, that is, they preferred automatic CP. Thus, every fifth (21%) bent in favor of «mechanics».

But the most interesting is that only 48% of buyers acquire a traditional four -road-sedan. It turns out to be a little more than half, who choose Rio pecks the version of the Cross-hatchback — Kia Rio X-Line. And who after that will say that Russia is a country of sedans?