Sensation. The Chinese brand Haval began to close old-timers of the Russian car market.

The theme of the conquest of the Russian carpet by Chinese companies is quite interesting, because it shows that our car enthusiast is not as simple as it will seem on the first superficial look.

We will not analyze the results of the Chinese coming of the «first wave» of the chronologically coincided with the obese years of the last decade. In the Russian market already

For the first half of the year and over the past June, such brands like Haval, Geely, Chery and

But we noticed one almost unnoticed local victory

Let us give an example showing very serious progress on the example of one Chinese and one Japanese automaker.

Why did these two stamps attracted us? There are two reasons. One — quite recently launched on the Russian market, in turn, cars with «three diamonds» are already known here a quarter of a century. But this is what they combine them, so this is a model range that is represented by car SUV class. There are no other types of car sedans, they have no hatchbacks. Mitsubishi deliberately removed Lancer, which we had the best-selling imported car 2008, Diamante sedan, etc.

But a year ago, no speech could be about such comparison. In June last year, Haval has implemented only 725 cars, and Mitsubishi — 2 503, the gap more than threefold (!) Total year was held, and we saw the impressive progress of the Chinese brand to conquer the Russian car market.


Let us explain, the Mitsubishi decline in June 2020, in comparison with June 2019 amounted to a minus 33%. And at HAVAL, in comparison with the past June, doubling the result (+ 99%). That is, trends are multidirectional. We brought part of the data from the final table of AEB to June of the current year (from the 10th to 15th place).

Accordingly, if any emergency events does not occur, then during a couple of three months sales

Future sensation? Let’s wait for the following reports of the Committee of automakers AEB and make sure the correctness of our forecast.

However, we will not smack, today in the market crisis. But as they say optimists — the crisis is the time of opportunity. The Chinese company seems to use it in full. First of all, I built my plant in Russia, set up the release of cars. Outdated models displays from sales, even those that have some popularity among Russians. Of course, O.

Recently, for example, two models were removed from the local gamma — the compact Haval H2 crossover and the mid-sized H6. And the «six» until 2020 remained the bestseller of the brand in the Russian market: for example, last year she had more than half of demand. But now the company needs to download their own factory in the Tula region, which earned a year ago and where the crossovers F7 and F7X are produced, as well as frame SUVs H5 and H9.

The goal of the Chinese automaker is the number one in the SUV class. This was told by the head of the Russian office of Haval Zherego in the recent interview with the Russian Gazette. Grand Company Plans: By 2025, Haval intends to take 5% of the Russian market. Actually in China itself presents new versions and HAVAL H5, and H6 (in the photo).

What answers Mitsubishi? In the spring, the fourth update of the compact crossover Mitsubishi ASX was presented in our market.

It is constantly being discussed on the release of the Mitsubishi Outlander bestseller on the Nissan X-Trail platform, but so far, see this car is born somewhere deep in the depths of the design bureau. But what is sad, the fact is that in the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi there was a geographical

And for Mitsubishi, the markets of Southeast Asia countries were left, as well as Australia and Oceania. There will continue to develop the brand of «three diamonds». The Russian car market will be on the periphery of interest Mitsubishi, however, there is no speech about full care brand.

For the Russian market in the Alliance answers Renault. About what models we should wait, we told on our channel. We will follow the development of the market situation, and tell you about it.

Dear readers! Do you think that Haval will piss a Japanese brand Mitsubishi?