TMD FRICTION Poses Textar brake pads for post-warranty maintenance of new SUV-bestseller models Toyota RAV4 and premium models Range Rover Evoque and BMW X4, X6, X7. New positions are already available to order in the company online directory and the Textar Brakebook mobile application.

TMD FRICTION develops and supplies brake pads to assembly conveyors of all leading world autocontracens, which allows the company as soon as possible to provide distributors of auto parts and one hundred components for post-warranty service of the fleet. This is especially true for owners of crossover and SUVs, whose sales in recent years are demonstrating a stable growth. According to Avtostat, SUV is the largest segment of the Russian market in 2019, its share amounted to 44.5% of the total number of cars implemented in Russia.

Textar first in the spare parts market added brake pads to the front axle Toyota RAV4 5th generation (article 2276801) — for versions with 2.0 liter gasoline engines and powerful 2.5-liter MXAA52 and MXAA54 hybrids, including AWD. Also in the TEXTAR catalog appeared pads for the rear axle Land Rover Range Rover Evoque L551 (article 2214101) — we are talking about machines with double-liter gasoline and diesel engines MHEV with a capacity of 150 to 300 hp. The owners of the new Bavarian crossover BMW X4 second generation (G02) and more powerful BMW X4 M (F98) are offered pads for the front axle (article 2590001) and rear axis (article 2470401). Textres pads of this articulous number 2470401 are also designed for the rear axle of large BMW X5 SUVs (G06) and BMW X7 (G07) ​​- modifications M40D XDrive, M40i XDrive, XDrive 20D and 20i, XDrive 25D, XDrive 30D and 30i.

On the territory of the Russian Federation on Textar brake pads there is an extended manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years. To protect the original products from fakes, the packaging of new brake pads Textar is equipped with a Proriginal warranty filling with a unique digital code on the inside of the label.

«Textar is a premium brand TMD FRICTION, which specializes in the production and supply of components of the brake system on the leading automakers conveyors. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to make the most quickly to develop the details of the original quality level also for the post-warranty market. Most of the new positions appear by the Textar Brakebook brand directory before which other manufacturers, Evgeny Sushilin comments, head of the TMD Friton Eurasia LLC. — We are proud of our ability to first take into the market components of the OE level, which fully comply with the standards of the European standard ECE R90. This ensures our products excellent performance. «