A very extraordinary approach to the Russian car market is taking a Chinese automaker GAC. Hearts and wallets of Russian motorists, they want to conquer not by the usual model near, characteristic of other Chinese automakers. The Chinese, as you know, have seen a massive interest in the sub and compact parquet segment. Practically the main competitive struggle for the attention of the domestic public concentrated in

The Chinese automaker Gac Motor entered the Russian market in December 2019 with its flagship crossover GS8 cost from 1 million 898 thousand rubles. up to 2 million 498 thousand rubles. Agree, a very strange step is to go to an unfamiliar market, an unfamiliar wide circle of brand motorists from the flagship of the model range. By the way, the GAC abbreviation is decrypted as Guangzhou Automobile Group, that is, a car group from Guangzhou.

GAC GS8 is how strange is strange a little Fiat: It is built on the Italians officially purchased from the Italian modular platform CPMA (Cross Platform Modular Architecture), which was used when creating machines such as Alfa Romeo 166 and Lancia Thesis. Seven GS8 with a length of 4836 mm with a bearing body — the flagship of the brand, which in his homeland is sold for more than three years and has recently began to lose buyers. Nevertheless, the Russian market at the brand has great hopes, and the prices for GAC GS8 are already announced, and they are at the level of the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento Prime models.

The second model of the brand in our country was the full-sized minivan of premium-class GAC GN8, which recently went on sale at a price of 2 million 699 thousand rubles. up to 3 million 099 thousand rubles. Representatives of the Chinese brand said that the novelty will compete with similar cars of German and Japanese brands, in particular, Volkswagen Multivan and Toyota Alphard. The GAC GN8 dealers appear in the coming days. The model of the Sample 2017 will be delivered to Russia, which has long been sold in the Chinese market. For minivan, a turbo engine is declared a volume of 2.0 liters with a capacity of 190 horsepower, which is combined with a six-band «machine» and front-wheel drive. The engine corresponds to the Euro-5 environmental class and works on gasoline AI-92. Seven-seater minivan with planting formula 2 + 2 + 3: On the second row, separate «captain’s» chairs are installed, and the third row is made in the form of a three-bed sofa. Minivan dimensions: 5066 × 1923 × 1822 mm. The GAC will take the price for comparing Toyota Alphard from 5 million rubles. Truth,

The start of the GAC on the Russian car market was failing. According to the Committee of Auto Producers of the European Business Association in a summary table for five months of the current 2020, the GAC line is missing among car brands. Like this.

However, Gac Motor is not blamed and even declare plans to implement 1,500 cars in Russia in Russia. This was reported in the company «GAK Motor Rus» in the framework of the online presentation of the new minivan GN8. But at the expense of what cars? And then the Chinese want to go and make a new GS5 crossover locomotive, which will appear in the Russian Federation in the third quarter of this year.

In size, the crossover is comparable to Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail cars. In the Russian market, GS5 will be available with a turbocharger 1.5 (137 hp), which works in a pair with a six-speed «automatic» AISIN. The drive is only front, and the appearance of the all-wheel drive version does not have to count: it is not even on the home market. Crossovers for Russia will be able to boast a panoramic roof, climate control, heating of all seats, a media system with Bluetooth function, as well as cameras of a circular review.

And yet the question arises, why such a strange approach