Reliability and comfort!

The suspension system creates an elastic connection of the car with wheels. At the same time, the suspension performs a number of functions that provide comfort and safety when the vehicle moves, namely, reduces dynamic loads, transfers external forces and moments both on the body and on the wheels, provides a given kinematics and damping various fluctuations of the wheels and the body.

In modern car suspensions, spiral springs became the most common type of elastic element. With a low mass, relatively low cost of production and convenience of installation, spiral springs provide high efficiency. Depending on the design and kinematics of the suspension, the springs of the following types are used in cars: cylindrical, conical, barrel-shaped, as well as springs with a variable cross section of the rod.

The Lynxauto springs are made of high-quality alloy steel with a minimum content of harmful impurities. Doping with silicon and chromium increases the yield strength and elasticity of steel. Such expensive alloyed steel is rarely used in the production of standard automotive springs, mainly such steel are used for high-loaded springs and springs of responsible destination.

Lynxauto Spring Navivaway occurs on the automatic latter generation equipment, providing the perfect spring geometry. To enhance one of the most important springs — fatigue strength — all Lynxauto springs undergo shot blasting with steel balls. This leads to changes in the structure of the material of the surface layer, as a result of which residual micro strokes are removed and the service life of the spring increases. A cata-prooferous and subsequent coloring of the powder enamel create a high-strength anti-corrosion coating, thereby excluding the risk of corrosion formation under the enamel layer and the next to the destruction of the metal.

Service recommendations

Replacing the elastic suspension elements is recommended to produce in pairs, in connection with this, Lynxauto springs are supplied for 2 pcs. Despite the fact that the suspension springs are not a complex node, they should be replaced with special care. It is necessary to strictly follow the technology of the car manufacturer in repair and use a good special tool, which eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage to the paint coating springs. In addition, when installing the springs, it should strictly carry out all the safety requirements of labor.

Unique guarantee conditions

For all Lynxauto products, 2 years warranty is valid. Warranty obligations apply to all products — from the moment of sale to the final consumer, subject to installation on a hundred. In addition to 2 — a summer warranty on parts, Lynxauto gives an extended guarantee on timing parts, water pumps, clutches and their parts. Under the conditions of an extended warranty, when the warranty case occurs, the details are not only subject to exchange for the details of the similar article, but also compensates for the value of the engine parts that have been damaged and unsuitable for further use, as well as the cost of their replacement.