Information tapes even automotive specialization only and injure fears about quarantine. But nevertheless, even at this difficult time, the life of the automotive world does not stand still and come positive news.

Our channel at the beginning of the past summer reported that the crossover on the step will be removed on the Russian market below

Of course, this is not the most harmonious name for the Russian ear. But the choice makes the automaker. In other markets, this Parcourt will have the name TAREK

Since then, more than six months have passed, and the news about the new crossover is no longer heard.

But here is a German parckarter caught without camouflage in one of the countries of Latin America. And why should we be interested in? Yes, simply because in the very presentation the model was named global. In addition to China, where it is already released, production should be launched in Mexico, where the German concern has a huge plant in Pueblo. Yes Yes. It was from there that the Sedany of Volkswagen Jetta began to supply us. What also told our channel. But the Mexican enterprise is aimed at no less than mexico and other countries of Latin America, but to the US market, which is known by one of the most capacious financial terms.

In addition to Mexico, Global Tharu / Tarek will begin to release soon in Argentina, for the South Hemisphere market. But the next in line will be Russia. And here you should look at the first time on the exterior of the car, which give us the received photos.

The nearest relative VW Toru is Skoda Karoq

Outwardly from the brother from China «Mexican», as can be seen in the photo, it is distinguished by a radiator grid, bumpers and a filling of the rear lights. In the subway, Volkswagen Tharu is available with gasoline «turbo club» 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI with a capacity of 150 and 186 hp respectively. The first motor works in a pair with a seven-step box DQ200 with two «dry» clutches, the second is equipped with a box DQ381 with «wet» clutches. Tharu with a basic engine has only front-wheel drive, for a crossover with a two-liter engine there is a four-wheel drive with a coupling of the rear axle. Zaochanskaya TAREK Operate 1.4 TSI with a classic six-speed «automatic».

As for the Russian version, the Volkswagen presentation surceded earlier in the network previously was stated that the Chinese name would retain the Chinese name for our market. Production is planned to begin by the end of the current 2020. Most likely, the assembly will be put in Nizhny Novgorod at the capacity of the GAZ Group, where today Skoda Karoq is produced. Thus, there is a reason to seriously believe that the VW Toru crossover for the Russian market will be based on the «short» Skoda KaroQ (length — 4382 mm, wheelbase front-wheel drive SUV — 2638 mm, all-wheel drive — 2630 mm). But what kind of design will be from our cross (as in China, or like TAREK) — is still unknown. And something else suggests us that the crossover will have a 1.6 liter basic engine, which develops the capacity of 110 hp. And what do you think? Write in the comments.