Fifteen years ago, Chevrolet was the main foreign car market. Then the pedestal took French Renault at the beginning of the decade, and after two years later, this title belonged to Korean brands Hyundai, and at present Kia. Each of the stamps has its own success story in the Russian market, which she «writes» with its models.

Our channel has already noted that the vertical elevators work in the automotive market, which raise some brands in the rating of popularity, while others, on the contrary, are lowered down. This is natural, since our car enthusiasts change priorities in choosing cars. Also, some automakers lead price wars per market share. In general, various factors resulting in the demand for demand are affected by the position of a brand.

But at what fact we want to pay attention today. The composition of the first echelon of the Russian car market is increasingly confidently included by the Skoda Czech brand.

Another 10-15 years ago, the official dealers of the Czech brand often complained, they say, in conditions of tightened competition, it is hard to sell Czech cars with a scanty model range of brands consisting of

But what happened over the years? Brand confidently started moving up. And today Skoda is already on the 7th place in the Russian automotive table of ranks. (Table) She has long pushed Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, and quite recently, this is oldly the Russian Nissan market. And the most interesting thing, close to such Grandems of the Russian market, like Japanese Toyota and

Yes, moreover, it does not lose its position, but strengthens them. Skoda from the top ten positive dynamics (similar dynamics at Mazda), the rest of the leading brands of the car market in the minus !!!

Russian Skoda dealers in June implemented 7282 cars — 3% more than a year earlier. True, at the end of the six months of 2020, the sales of the Czech brand in our country amounted to 3,4217 cars, which is 14% lower than the same period last year. As a result, Skoda took the seventh place on sales among all automakers in Russia, and

Table. Top 10 brands of Russian car market

But what is important. The driver of a sharp improvement in the position of the Czech brand in the Russian Federation has become new crossovers.

The Skoda bestseller on the Russian market in June for the first time became a compact Karoq crossover, which went on sale in February 2020. Last month, 1737 Russian buyers have chosen on this model. The second place in popularity was taken by the OCTAVIA model, whose sales decreased by 21% and amounted to 1726 units. Closes the top of the brand bestsellers

The crisis has prepared many surprises in the country’s car market in 2020. But the most important surprise, as it turned out, is to enter the Russian market of the Czech crossover Skoda Karoq.

In Europe, the car appeared on the market in 2017. Last year, 1,52,000 cars of this model were sold in total corporate website in all markets where the Czech brand is represented. Last year, analysts predicted that based on this, in Russia the crossover will enjoy high demand.

The release of the new Skoda KaroQ crossover started at the capacity of the Gorky Automobile Plant, where the Skoda Octavia is released and the older model of Skoda Kodiaq crossover. Even during the preparation of the serial issue, the head of the Czech brand Skoda in Russia, Yang, the Khakaza stated: «

As it turned out, Skoda Karoq is an attractive model, it was called the Skoda Yeti replacing model, which was the debut of the Czech automaker in the SUV segment. But, looking backing back it should be remembered that among Russian motorists, this car did not reach high popularity and a reverent relationship.

But Karoq, which is still sold in limited versions, has already entered the top 25 Russian market for June. While this compact crossover is offered in the equipment with a turbocharged engine 1.4 liters (150 hp) in combination with an 8-speed hydrotransformation «AISIN automaton» and front-wheel drive. Soon there will be a more budgetary version with a base engine — a good familiar four-cylinder

Skoda KaroQ has dimensions: length 4382 mm (close to Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Creta and other mass SUV models), the distance between the axes is 2,638 mm.

Thus, with the advent of Skoda KaroQ, the market receives another very attractive car of the SUV family. But most importantly, this car in a short time has strengthened the position of the Czech brand in the Russian market, which is selected to such old-timers as Japanese Toyota and German Volkswagen.

This is the success story of Skoda, and you have to follow it.

Recall that in the recent geographical separation of the zones of responsibility in the large and friendly family of the German concern Volkswagen, the Skoda’s Czech company got two «tidy pieces» is the carpet of the Russian Federation and India.