Communication facilities confidently progress, making more and more diversity in communication technology. To take at least messengers, not so long ago considered an analogue of SMS, and now we have transmitted to independent and much more functional applications that provide people with sustainable contact and gradually changing the usual communication model. Possessing powerful information potential, they are able to provide very serious support in marketing and sales of a car service enterprise.

Messengers really quite vigorously entered our daily life and secured in it, so that it is simply impossible to imagine modern society without them. We are constantly connected, constantly in the correspondence connected to several chats, regularly view the channels of interest to us … It is difficult to say how long this involvement will persist, but the fact that it exists and its level is high enough — undoubtedly. Therefore, there is a possibility that this involvement must necessarily be used to promote the service service. About how such promotion is correct to organize an optimal way, how to sell it properly with the help of messengers, we want to tell in our material.

Why messengers

The results of the study by the Director-General of AUTO Business Consulting in Inna Rooshova, clearly demonstrate the high popularity of messengers from the most mass audience of auto services. They prefer to communicate with unfamiliar people and representatives of a hundred, including — 45% of young people up to 20 years and 34% of the age of 20-39 years old. At the same time, on the phone the most young are almost not ready to talk — there are only 9%, 20-39-year-olds — 20%.

In fairness it is worth noting that the highest shares in all age segments in personal communication, but we do not encourage you to make the messengers completely replaced personal communication. In any case, it should remain — it is difficult to imagine such a society in which personal communication will lose in great importance. Therefore, messengers must not be replaced, but effectively complement all other communications, in many cases becoming truly dominant communication channels.

Why? Because messengers for many car owners have become truly convenient means of communication. They completely give them preference due to their greater, if you can put it, democratic.

Unlike personal negotiations, contact through the messenger (attached to the telephone number or not attached, as the messengers of popular social networks) does not cause any obligations from the parties, since communication is carried out verbally, but without visual and voice contact (most often). It does not require an instant reaction, a quick response, it is easy to tie it, and it’s just as easy to get out of it or to silenced, considering my words. The interlocutor it will not be perceived as an insult or an intense demarche, and you will not feel the feeling of guilt and worry about that it did not wastely dealt with a person.

And in this advantage of messengers, that is why they received such wide popularity as a kind of type of communication «on demand.» That is: when there is an opportunity — rewrite when there is no opportunity — we put on a pause and return to the correspondence later. No offense, no disappointment.

Although it is extremely important — the value of agreements, agreements, etc., achieved during the correspondence, do not diminish their weights. These agreements and agreements, as well as those obtained in personal communication, are absolutely mandatory for execution, and in this between them unambiguously can be put by a sign of equality, of course, subject to the presence of appropriate qualities of the nature of participants in communication.

The main rule

But it would be a mistake to think that communicating through the messenger when it comes to business communication, completely elementary and to it can be proceeded without special training. No! Like any other type of business communication, such communication has certain rules and strategies. They must be known, constantly stick and perform.

Therefore, the training of the personnel responsible for communication is of particular importance. His teach it a long time. Employees should understand popular messengers, to know their specificity, differences, have a complete picture of technical implementation, understand the basic principles and actually communication techniques.