A stounted situation develops around the Datsun Japanese brand. It comes to reliable information that the production of cars of this brand is rolled. And the only country where the Russian Federation is still released by Datsun.

Recall that inleting huge losses and in difficult position, the Japanese automaker Nissan began to put into execution of the restructuring plan disclosed last year. According to this plan, the total power of the automotive plants worldwide will be reduced by 10%.

Also, according to plan, one of the victims of this optimization strategy, apparently, became a subsidiary Datsun brand. This brand that went down in 1980 was revived thirty years later. In 2014, this legendary, but a very subsearable car brand appeared in Russia. True, in a somewhat changed guise of the domestic car Lada Granta.

The alarming news concerning the fate of the Datsun brand came from Indonesia. The plant was stopped and closed by a plant in the city of Purvacte, who was engaged in the production of Datsun Go + and Datsun Cross. Both models went up in history, at the same time it was announced to leave the Datsun brand from the car market Indonesia.

Now in turn of India, where at the Nissan plant in Chennai still produces compact Hatchbacks Datsun Go and Redi-Go. The exact timing of the stop of production is not yet announced, but these models will not be direct heirs. The Japanese company intends to produce a budget compact parckarter under the Nissan brand.

Recall that sales in the Indian market last year fell on a quarter to 16,700 cars, and in Indonesia, only about 7,000 cars managed to implement. Datsun cars manufactured in these countries are supplied to South Africa and Nepal. All Datsun GO family is designed only in versions with the right steering. Thus, nor in India, nor in Indonesia, Mark Datsun has not achieved success. But half and and a half million India and three hundred million Indonesia Key Asian markets after China and Japan. And such a failure is extremely symptomatic.

It turns out that Datsun cars are produced only in Russia. ON-DO and TOLYTITA MI-DO Hatchback sedans are created on the basis of Lada Granta. In addition to the Russian market, they are selling them in a small amount in the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and … in Lebanon. There is no information about the production stop yet, but the development of the brand in Russia is extremely slow: the update of the on-do sedan turned out to be very modest. The most important question is that whether these cars will cease together with the current version of Lada Granta? Or after the transition of the domestic model to the new alliance platform, «Pseudoyaponskaya» version of the car will appear in parallel. Recall that the Lada Granta car moves to the Franco-Japanese Alliance platform (Global Access — improved B0), now they work in Togliatti in AvtoVAZ.

However, the note of optimism about the fate of the Datsun brand appeared. In the base of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS), the new name of the Datsun Magnite crossover was patented.

Notice, not Nissan Magnite, but Datsun. And yet in the model line Nissan, this crossover on the step below Nissan Juke. The length of it is slightly less than 4 meters, such is the legislation of India. In the Indian market, cars are less than 4 meters long use tax breaks. The new Magnite is built on the CMF-A modular platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. He has a dynamic merchant silhouette.

About technical data is still known. But here is the question. Cars on the CMF modular platform are produced only at the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg. Does this mean that the Magnite brand Datsun will complement the line of localized Nissan crossovers? Or maybe imported from India?