It is imperceptible to a wide automotive public passed a very interesting event. At the meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation, on April 9, a «summary strategy for the development of the processing industry of Russia» was considered. The prospects for the most industries that should be removed by the Russian Federation with the notorious «oil and gas needle» were discussed. And as it turned out, one of the 20 savory industries was appointed Russian auto industry.

Of course, it is a pity that this document was born in the depths of specialized ministries and trade and the Ministry of Economic Development now. His date of appearance was supposed to be a year of 2001-2002. But, as they say, what we have, we have. Another direction of the strategy is to further export exports.

The project defines key tasks for each industry. For example, the auto industry of the Russian Federation. Mikhail Mishoustin so directly and stated that for the automotive industry it is the creation of a large component market.

As you know, the Russian Auto industry strategy, which was adopted and approved by the previous government of Medvedev in 2018, was drawn up with the help of analysts of foreign Consulting companies BCG and McKinsey. Declarated in it «… Development of technologies of electrification of vehicles (electric vehicles, hybrids); development of autonomization technologies and vehicle robotization; intelligent security and management systems; telematic transport systems; development of informatization and computerization technologies; Automotive equipment for the Arctic and regions of the Far North; The development of environmental technologies (including alternative fuels and optimization of traditional decisions), passive, active safety and recycling, «smoothly flowed into a» consolidated strategy «and are now confirmed as guidelines for 2035. Also in a new document, in particular, duplicated

But the target indicators of the auto industry, even recalled the old strategy until 2020, where the Russian market was expected to be 3.5-4 million passenger cars in the current year. Compare, the Government puts such indicators by 2035: after 15 years, the total number of cars produced in the country should reach 4.22 million pieces per year (in 2019 — 1.5 million pieces); light commercial cars — 370 thousand (in 2019 — 118.5 thousand pieces.); Trucks — 191.46 thousand (in 2019 — 155.3 thousand pcs.); buses — 31.66 thousand (in 2019 — 41.2 thousand pcs.). I wonder if they will be fulfilled?

According to experts, familiar with the document, the new strategy is not written enough in detail, there are no specifics, both in localization and other issues. What exactly should be localized when, at what level? Also, the strategy does not enshrine any obligations for anyone, and, in fact, looks a kind of declaration of intent.

However, today the government and the profile ministry cost more prose problems. In particular,

The main trouble of all strategies is that they are forgotten immediately after writing. The auto industry requires specific clear rules that do not change for decades — the planning horizon of large autocompany. Since the Russian car market is unpredictable, he develops precisely in the sense that economists invest in it — high risks of investment losses. This demonstrated for example Ford, who left the country.