The Russian Federation is significantly lagging behind the use of electric vehicles from international leaders. In the rating of KPMG from 25 states (12 leading European economies, including Russia, as well as seven Asian, four American, Australia and New Zealand), Russia took the 23rd point from 1.8 points, the maximum 10 points did not score nobody . The leaders, the Netherlands and Norway, respectively, 7.9 and 7.4 points.

The index was calculated as an indicator that takes into account the fleet of electric vehicles, its attitude to a common fleet in the country, the country’s investment in the development of electric vehicles, the presence of electrifetors and simply the readiness of citizens to transplane on more expensive electric vehicles. Absolute world leaders in the fleet of electric vehicles — China (3.5 million pieces) and the United States (1.5 million pieces) — ranked only the 20th and 4th places in the ranking. The best penetration of electric vehicles showed the ranking leaders — Norway (11.5% of the total fleet) and the Netherlands (2.5%).

Russia is not ready to invest in the development of electric car. One of the first domestic electric stake developers Zetta due to lack of funds is forced to transfer the start of the production of electric vehicles City Modul 1. The launch of the serial production of the Russian electric vehicle CITY MODUL 1 ZETTA was postponed for the period after 2020 due to the fact that the company did not receive a loan in 99.9 million rubles. From the Industry Development Fund (FRT).

The FRT was created by the Ministry of Industry and Communist Party of the Russian Federation to support industrial investment projects, and issues supercounted loans at the expense of budgetary funds. Zetta, for example, wanted to get money under 1% per annum for five years. According to the expert council, the company’s own funds and the loan is not enough to launch production from scratch.

City Modul 1 should be the first Russian serial electric unit. Own electric car developed AvtoVAZ: Back in 2011, he introduced the electric Lada Ellada on the Lada Kalina chassis. But the serial car did not have it, for 10 years only 100 copies of the pilot batch were released.

Zetta plans to produce electric vehicles on its own platform in Tolyatti, its peak power — 15,000 units of products per year. The three modifications of the electric vehicle are planned to be produced — basic, medium (medium) and top version. The layout is designed for three passengers and the driver. The basic version will cost 550,000 rubles., Its turn in one recharge will be 180 km.